The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Just Watch Us Edition!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Watch Us Edition!

As promised, we’ve begun to add swell new content to our new website – – and our Youtube channel. I’ve started doing a little piece (hopefully once a week) titled Films I Should Have Seen By Now in which I reveal some films that, well, I should have seen by now but for various reason have not. Check it out!

We’re also going to be adding a merch section to the new site just as soon as we get some merch! Looking at items such as mugs, hats, pins – that sort of thing – to go along with our famous T-Shirts. Any suggestions on things you’d like to see, let me know!

New Releases!

(should be on the shelves today or tomorrow)


Acasa, My Home – Fascinating doc about a family living in the delta outskirts of Bucharest for 20 years who were then forced to relocate to the big city. Be a bit of an adjustment, me thinks. Wonder if there’s still a video store in Romania?


Another Round – Mads Mikkelson is a teacher who, with four of his colleagues, tests a theory that by maintaining a certain level of booze in the system, it will improve their lives. Hmmm, sounds like a good test to me. I’ll get back to you.


Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time – Cool-looking, nourish mystery follows a woman who returns home to Budapest to be with her new lover but only to have the new lover claim to have never met her! Something’s afoot!


Rams – Sam Neill is a sheep farmer who is in a decades-long feud with his neighbor. Also a sheep farmer. Sheep-related hi-jinks, I presume, ensue.


Shadow in the Cloud – Strange, but cool, sounding mash-up of action, WWII and horror finds a female pilot encountering an evil presence on the B-17 she’s flying on. Or in. Not too sure which one is correct.

A few older titles made their way (or will be making their way) into the shop

Freebie and the Bean
Where’s Poppa
Magnolia – Blu Ray
Sleepless (Argento) – Blu Ray
Galaxy of Terror
Buried Alive
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Malibu High (DVD and Blu Ray)
Runaway Train – Blu Ray
McCabe and Mrs Miller – Criterion Blu Ray
Ghost World – Criterion Blu Ray

Coming Soon!

Bureau (Complete Series)
Day of the Beast – Blu Ray
Sleepaway Camp – Blu Ray
Fukashima 50
Mallorca Files Season 1
Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles
Red Cow
Willy’s Wonderland
Mortuary Collection

That’s it for this week, folks. I just got my first plague shot and hope that you’ll all be there soon (if not already) as well. Take care of each other out there.

PS – Just got word that Frank, a popular local Commercial Drive fixture, has passed. RIP.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Short Circuit Edition!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Short Circuit Edition!

New Covid measures are settling in. We’re still open at noon everyday. Hopefully that doesn’t change. Until then, support your favourite restaurants and such. Get take out etc. Tip and tip well. We seem so close…and don’t you forget about us…

New Releases!


Identifying Features – Serious drama ensues when a mother searches for her missing child after she’s been told he died crossing the border from Mexico into the good ole US of A. Topical!


News of the World – Covid-beater Tom Hanks is a Civil War fella who agrees to travel across the dangerous land to return a girl to her Aunt and Uncle for some reason.


Psycho Goreman – Best title of the year! A girl and her brother find that they can control a monster and they use this ability to get him to do their bidding. Can’t wait! Do you care for hunky boys?


The Projectionist – Cool-looking doc from Abel Ferrara as he chats with a (not sleazy hah!) film guy who ran some cinemas in 1970s Queens.


Russian Raid – aka Russkiy Reyd – Seems like a Russian version of The Raid. If it’s half as good as that masterpiece, I’m down!


Young Karl Marx – Who wants to see a movie about Karl Marx when he was a kid (or young adult)?! Raise your commie-loving hand!


Wonder Woman 1984 – For those who waited (and didn’t shell out $30 for VOD – suckers) here’s the next big budget superhero extravaganza with the lovely Gal Godot and Chris Pine (who looks like he woke up under a bridge).

Coming Soon!

Another Round
Our Friend
Secrets and Lies (Criterion)
Acasa, My Home
MC Escher: Journey to Infinity

Don’t forget to tune into our podcast and check out our new Website (work in progress) at

That’s it for this week, folks! Stay safe, stay hydrated, keep watching.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Plague Year Edition!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Plague Year Edition!

One year ago we shuttered up the windows and locked the doors at the Commercial shop (Cambie had closed a few days earlier) due to the plague that was sweeping the nation (and the earth planet). We were closed for 2 months (but doing the occasional curb-side pickup). It seems like forever ago. So much (and at the same time, not all that much) has happened in the past year. Been weird. But weird is the new normal now. Right?

It’s been a bumpy ride but we’re still here (Cambie Black Dog Video didn’t make it – like so many other business, marriages etc.- but found new life as Video Cat). I hope that everyone is doing the best that they can and maybe a return to normal life is on the horizon. Whatever that may be. The future is (hopefully) bright! Better grab some shades.

New Releases!


Breaking News in Yuba County – Allison Janney’s husband dies but folks thinks he’s gone missing thus propelling her into some sort of celebrity position. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Days of the Bagnold Summer – Sweet, charming British affair sees a heavy metal dude spending the summer trying to get along with his librarian mom. Librarians are so tough.


Goldstone – Well-received mystery thriller about an indigenous detective (Australia) arriving in a small town to aid in a missing person case. But there’s more than meets the eye, as the Aussie’s like to say. I believe that this operates in the Mystery Road universe.


Sami Blood – Excellent Swedish drama about a reindeer-breeding Sami girl who goes off to a horrible boarding school. Teacher! Leave those kids alone!


Soul – Latest swell Pixar dealie finds a New York jazz fella caught in a weird world between earth and the afterlife. Hear it’s pretty great.


The Undoing – Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant are wealthy New Yorkers who get mixed up in a murder case (murder most foul!) in this fine HBO mini-series.


Walking on Water – Cool-looking doc about famous large-scale installation guy, Christo.

Coming Soon!
(hopefully this week!)

Identifying Features
News of the World
Psycho Goreman
The Projectionist
Russian Raid
Young Karl Marx
Wonder Woman

Don’t forget to check out the new website – – and while there check out our podcast and Youtube channel. More content will be added on a regular basis in the coming weeks. Tune in, drop out, get it on!

Talk at you next week. Be safe.
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The Black Dog Newsletter: Green Froth Edition!


The Black Dog Newsletter: Green Frothy Beer Edition!

So it’s St. Patrick’s Day! A day in which most of the western world, except Ireland, celebrates by drinking gross green coloured beer and vomiting gross green coloured barf on the sidewalk. But instead of that, here at Black Dog Video (After Dark), we made ourselves watch Leprechaun and do a commentary riff, a “Dog Track” if you will, as we “enjoyed” the film. Que up your copy (or rent ours) or check out the highlights here ( and listen in on the fun!

New Releases!


Castle Freak – Why they thought a remake of the stone-cold classic was necessary is beyond me but if you need a fresh new castle freak in your life, dig in!


Des – David Tennant is a serial killer! Well, he portrays a real-life serial killer in this fine little series.


Fantastic Fungi – Wonderful, trippy doc about shrooms. Big hit on the festival circuit. Blu Ray only.


The Go-Go’s – Loved this fun ride about a wonderful band that I knew nothing about. Great stuff.


Kill Your Friends – Guy working as an A&R fella will do almost (scratch that), will do anything to find the next big thing.


Promising Young Woman – Carey Mulligan is on the prowl to exact revenge on crappy men after being traumatized by an event in her past in this top-notch, multiple Oscar-nominated thriller.


Rent-a-Pal – Lonely fella finds a VHS video tape (it’s 1990!) called Rent-a-Pal starring Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton). Things turn sinister.


Songbird – It’s 2024 and the world is ravaged by a pandemic (must be science fiction) and folks (including sexy Archie!) struggle. About time someone made a pandemic movie!


We Hunt Together – Sexy, dramatic cop series from Britain about a couple of sexy, dramatic cops hunting down a serial killer.


Zappa – Top-notch doc about the famed musical genius (I was a huge fan back in the day)!

Coming Soon!

Another Round
Breaking News in Yuba County
The Undoing
Days of the Bagnold Summer
News of the World
Psycho Goreman
Sami Blood
Walking on Water
Wonder Woman

We’ve got a cool thing in the works that should be fun and also gives y’all a chance to buy some cool things from us and help us to keep on keepin’ on. Stay tuned!

And if anyone is interested, I’ve been doing a little film project over the past year where I finally watch films that I should have seen by now. Check out what I’ve watched here (and follow my Letterboxd account if you dare) and what I haven’t seen here. Fun!

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Take care of each other. Wear a mask (don’t be like the mask-less guy who threatened to sue me because I wouldn’t serve him). Pet a dog. Keep watching.

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The Black Dog Newsletter: Glory Days Edition!


The Black Dog Newsletter: Glory Days Edition!

This past Saturday would have marked the 25th anniversary of Black Dog Video on Cambie St! Seeing as it’s not a Black Dog anymore (go Video Cat!), it’s still an anniversary of sorts as I’ve doing this job for 25 years! I just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure to be serving up the finest in world cinema to you awesome folks for the past 25 years (175 in dog years or something like that)! And while the glory days of the video store have long faded, we’re still here doing our best to be a part of many of your lives. Cheers to you all.

Make sure that you check out our new website – – and podcast (stay tuned for a St. Patrick’s Day surprise)! It’s fun!

New Releases!


1942: Unknown Battle – Russian WWII film about a terrible battle in Russia during WWII.


Alone with Her Dreams – Well-received coming of age story of a young girl who has to live with her strict grandmother in France.


Crazy Samurai 400 vs 1 – Famed sword slicing movie that boasts a 77 minute, no cut fighting scene!


Jekyll and Hyde – BBC series about the famed maniac doctor’s grandson and his quest for the truth! Can he handle the truth? Who knows?!


My Dog Stupid – French guy with writer’s block has a big stinky grey dog move into his house. Hijinks, I presume, ensue.


Tesnota – Grim, slow, intense Russian film (is there any other kind) about a kidnapping in a small depressing town. From the guy who made the excellent Beanpole!


Trouble with You – French comedy about a woman who discovers her recently deceased police husband sent the wrong guy to prison for 8 years. Hilarious!


Vanguard – Latest film where Jackie Chan kicks people in the face. Not known if he guards any vans.


The Wedding Guest – Dev Patel travels from Britain to Pakistan to kidnap a bride-to-be for some reason. Tensions ensue.


The Witches – Is this a remake of the wonderful Nicolas Roeg film, The Witches? It just may be. Witches be witching!

Coming Soon

The Go-Gos
I Married a Witch
Kill Your Friends
Psycho Goreman
Wonder Woman
Castle Freak
Promising Young Woman
We Hunt Together

If you fancy owning any DVDs or Blu Rays, hit us up! We have great prices and you don’t have to bother with the evil empire. Here’s some of what is coming soon!

See y’all right here next week!

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We’re open for pre-orders for a pile of things that are upcoming! Hit us up if you want/need anything. We’ll give you a nice price and you don’t have to bother with the ugly monster aka Scamazon. Keep the money in your hood!


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The Black Dog Newsletter: Workin’ It Edition!

The Black Dog Newsletter: Workin’ It Edition!

Here at Black Dog headquarters we’ve been working tirelessly to bring you the finest in world cinema. Since there hasn’t been much in the line of new things from the Hollywood dream factory this last year, we’ve scoured the planet in order to keep fresh and interesting films on the shelves for you. It’s a struggle but we love doing it and hope that you can find something to suit your fancy.

We’re also in the process of revamping the Black Dog website – – and getting our podcast (Black Dog After Dark) out there (see website or wherever you get your podcasts). Please tune in, drop out and turn on. Or something like that.

New Releases


1BR – These new neighbours seem awfully friendly. Too friendly one might think. Nifty little nail-biter.


Adverse – Ride-share fella discovers his sister is in debt to a scary crime lord. Stars Mickey Rourke, who’s looking more and more like an Arby’s sandwich everyday.


The Courier – Courier discovers she’s delivering a bomb. Stars Gary Oldman, who seems to sliding into lowbrow things (he’s got an eye-patch!) after his Oscar win.


The Croods: New Age – More Croods.


Fatale – Neo-noir with Hilary Swank, who seems to be sliding into more lowbrow things after her Oscar wins, as a detective with an agenda.


Ip Man: Kung Fu Master – You can’t keep a good Ip Man down. No Donnie Yen this time around though.


Last Vermeer – Guy Pearce is a fancy artist suspected of selling art to the Nazis. But is that the truth? Can you handle the truth?!


Miss Scarlett and the Duke – Britain’s first female detective is on the case!


Monster Hunter – Video game movie has Milla Jovovich fighting giant monsters for some reason.


Scare Me – Two strangers tell scary stories to each other in a cabin during a power outage. Yep.


You Never Had It: An Evening with Bukowski – Doc and interviews with the crusty old writer.


Wrong Turn: Foundation – Why do these good looking kids keep taking the wrong turn?!

Coming Soon

1942: Unknown Battle
Alone with Her Dreams
Crazy Samurai: 400 vs 1
Jekyll and Hyde
Louis Van Beethoven
My Dog Stupid
Smooth Talk
The Trouble with You
The Wedding Guest
The Witches

Don’t forget to come in and check out our sale items. Hundreds and hundreds of fine DVDs and Blu Rays for sale – $5 each. Buy 4 get a 5th Free – and up. Lots of collector’s items. We also do special orders for anything your heart desires! Hit us up.

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Stay calm. Stay fresh. Stay safe. See you soon.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: As the World Turns Edition!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: As the World Turns Edition!

The world turns. The plague ravages the land. The sun comes up. The moon offers hope. Dogs continue to bark. Cats lay on my keyboard. We have a new website – And with it comes a new episode of the famed Black Dog After Dark Podcast! Dreamscape, starring the recently departed Christopher Plummer, is on tap. Take a listen. Lighten the load.

We’re still interested in buying (or taking donations) of all of your previously-loved DVDs and Blu Rays. Shoot me an email if you want to talk.

New Releases!

(delayed package on the way and hopefully arriving this week with more things)


2067 – Fella hears that the future needs his help to avert an environmental catastrophe. Off he goes. Blu Ray coming soon.


A Call to Spy – Lady spies help save the day in the dark times of WWII.


Greenland – Gerard Butler (why is he in so many (disaster) movies?) has to get his family to Greenland before a comet strikes the earth creating an extinction catastrophe! I actually really enjoyed this nonsense! Blu Ray coming soon.

Coming Soon!

The Courier
Croods: New Age
The Last Vermeer
Miss Scarlett and the Duke
Wrong Turn: Foundation
Ip Man: Kung-Fu Master
Monster Hunter
Scare Me
Wonder Woman

We’ve also been tirelessly working to add more older fare to our already extensive collection. Here’s a few items recently welcomed into the Black Dog fold. More to come!


That’s it for this week folks. Stay safe. Stay hungry. Keep watching.

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The Black Dog Newsletter: A New Day Dawns Edition!

The Black Dog Newsletter: A New Day Dawns Edition!

We have a new website! Dylan has been chained to the radiator in the back room for a couple of weeks existing on a thin stew of mashed bananas and shaved smelt heads while hammering out the details. It is still a work in progress, but check it out We’re hoping to add our catalogue and sales pages to the site among other nice things. Stay tuned.

New Releases!


Archenemy – Max Fist (might change my name to Max Fist), who claims to be from another dimension, teams up with a kid named Hamster to fight crime and other things.


Assassins – Documentary about two women convicted of assassinating Kim Jong-un’s half brother. Were they actual killers or pawns in a mad adventure?


Billie – Documentary of the wonderful Billie Holiday. Jazz!


Fear of Rain – Schizophrenic girl suspects her neighbor may have kidnapped a girl. Who’s gonna believe her?


Girl on the 3rd Floor – Haunted house movie!


The Last Blockbuster – Doc about the last Blockbuster (see title) in Bend, Oregon. Amusing to see such nostalgia wrapped around Blockbuster when, in real life, they were a terrible store. Still, I’ll watch this.


Martin Eden – Nice adaptation of the famed Jack London book.


Sputnick – Russian dude returns from space but he’s not alone! Zoinks! In Russia alien follows you home!


The Swordsman – Nice looking Korean sword movie.


Synchronic – Two New Orleans paramedics have to deal with a designer drug with bizarre, other worldly effects. From the fellas who made The Endless. Totes looking forward to this one!


Tyrel – Black dude goes off into the woods with a bunch of white dudes. Wonder if things work out OK?


You Go to My Head – Cool, strange sounding number about a woman who wakes up in the desert with amnesia. Is that guy really her husband?

Also Criterion releases of Parallax View (DVD and Blu Ray) and Hopscotch (DVD)

Coming Soon!

A Call to Spy
Hidden Life (BR)
The Wolf Hour
The Courier
Croods: New Age
The Last Vermeer
Miss Scarlett and the Duke
Wrong Turn: The Foundation

If you want to order anything please do it sooner than later as the place in Canada that manufacturers the DVDs and Blu Rays is closing and will now be produced somewhere in the States. This means there will be a delay in getting product into your wanting little hands.

That’s if for this week, folks. Stay safe, stay hydrated and keep watching.

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The Black Dog Newsletter: 2 for 1 Daze!


The Black Dog Newsletter: 2 for 1 Daze!

Not only are 2 for 1 Mondays back in full swing (on Mondays!) at Black Dog Video but this long lovey weekend (Saturday to Monday) pop into Black Dog and snarf up our $5 sale films for the same 2 for 1deal! In addition we’ll knock 10% of our T-shirts and masks! Also 10% off all box sets! We love to love you!

Stay tuned for the announcement regarding the launch of our new and improved website! Coming soon!

New Releases!


All Creatures Great and Small – New version of this lovely show about animals and people and veterinarians.


Bomb City – Punks vs the squares in a small Texas town. Word has this is a fine film!


Freaky – Many laughs, lots of blood and good times can be found in this uber-fun Freaky Friday/Serial Killer High school film. Vince Vaughn is hilarious and scary! Loved it.


Grizzly II: The Revenge – Wanna see George Clooney, Charlie Sheen and Laura Dern fight a bear in this, finally released, nonsense from 1983? Blu Ray only.


Host – Excellent Covid/Zoom conference horror movie where some friends decide to have an internet séance. Things don’t go so well for them. Go figure.


Lost Girls and Love Hotels – English teacher in Japan falls for a Yakusa fella. Wonder how that turns out?


Love and Monsters – Good silly monster fun to be had here as a dude must traverse monster-laden lands to get to his best gal.


Metamorphosis – Face-changing evil spirit takes up residence in a nice family’s home. Blu Ray only.


Minding the Gap – Excellent doc about some young fellas bonding together with skateboarding over their volatile family situations.


The Other Lamb – A girl born into an all-female cult (led by a dude, of course) begins to question what’s what. Cults are bad.


Sky Sharks – Nazi-created flying sharks. Not a documentary.


Spree – Wanting to be internet famous, a ride-share fella has a devious plan.


The Wolf House – Award winning, strange-looking animated fare about a young woman who takes refuge in Chile after escaping a German colony. Looks awesome.

Coming Soon!

(should be on the shelves by Thursday)

Fear of Rain
The Girl on the Floor
Hopscotch (Criterion)
Jazz on a Summer’s Day
Lovecraft Country S1
Martin Eden
Parallax View (Criterion)
The Last Blockbuster
Survival Skills
You go to My Head

Phew! Lots of things coming all for you to feast your lovely eyes and brains on. If you need anything to add to your collection (here’s a few pre-orders if you like) hit us up!

Hope to see you soon in the store! #shoplocal

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