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  1. Andre Poitras says:

    I have a tote of old school martial arts //Japanese sci-fi movies on DVD. Moving to Surrey this Friday would the store accept a bulk donation of title ? Thanks.

  2. M. Mendonca says:

    Do you buy very good condition 2nd hand DVDs and CDs? If so what is your process and pricing? My son has a huge collection of all genres & in mint condition. I’m guessing there maybe approx. close to 1000 or more with orig. cases

    • Darren says:

      We do buy DVDS (no cds). We don’t offer much – .50 per title. And we’re quite picky on what we buy. I’d be interested in seeing what the titles you have though.

    • Darren says:

      We do buy these – that’s how we are able to do these big sales like the one upcoming on the 26th. We don’t buy CDs though and the pricing is low – about .50 per title and we are very picky about what we do buy. The kind of stuff we are looking for are in the range of classics, horror, cult, nothing Hollywood.

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