Black Dog Newsletter May 16 – 22 “Happy Birthday, DVD Edition!”


So the DVD turns 20 years-old this year. It seems both longer than that and not that long. That make sense? No, not to me either. I remember watching my first DVD at a friend’s house – Reservoir Dogs – and being blown away. I couldn’t wait to get a player (so expensive back then) and start bringing them in for rent. It took a while but eventually we converted almost all the VHS in the store to DVD. It helped that, in 2004, all the VHS tapes were destroyed in a fire and I bought DVDs with the insurance money. Silver linings I suppose. And while the days of this fine format are waning, it’s still the best and most revolutionary medium that’s ever happened to home video. Here’s to 20 more!

New Releases!


The Bridge Season 3 – More bridgy mysteries abound in the excellent Swedish/Danish series.


Call the Midwife Season 6 – Those midwives still need to be called! Call the midwives, stat!


Despite the Falling Snow – Romantic spy thriller set during the Cold War has a female spy stealing some secrets from a famous politician but, of course, she falls for him. Complications and much sneaking around, I presume, ensue.


The Great Wall – An unrecognizable, sweaty, massively fore-headed Matt Damon goes to work for famed Chinese director, Yimou Zhang, in this historical action thing that has monsters attacking the Great Wall of China for some reason. Based on actual events.


Inside Amy Schumer Season 4 – If you haven’t been inside Amy Schumer, well here’s your chance. For the fourth time!


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – This series still going on? I guess not after this instalment. Fingers crossed. (To be fair I’ve only seen the first one, so who am I to judge?)


Save Yourself – This one sounds pretty fun! Five female horror filmmakers are on their way to their latest project when they get waylaid by a mad scientist hellbent on using them for his own twisted experiments. I’m guessing that at some point the tables get turned on the psycho and the ladies have their revenge. Just guessing.


Shepherds and Butchers – Steve Coogan sets down his funny bones and goes all serious like in this heavy tale of a South African prison guard who sues someone or something over all the trauma he’s experienced.


Sleepless – Detective Jamie Foxx’s sprog is kidnapped by some shady fellas and it’s up to him to get him back in time for school or for dinner. Or something.


The Space Between Us – Drama/comedy/adventure about a boy, who was born on Mars, coming to earth for the first time and checking things out. Based on a true story.

Coming Soon!

Get Out
My Life as a Zucchini
Fist Fight
Power Rangers
The Void
Things to Come
Oklahoma City: The American Experience

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Girl with All the Gifts
Mr. Robot Season 2
Master of None Season 1
Man Called Ove
Our Little Sister
The Love Witch
The Ninth Floor

For more stellar recommendations please push this button!

Have a great week, folks. Stay dry, stay hydrated, be nice and remember, keep watching!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter May 9 – 15 “On Being Locally Local Edition!”


As my friend, Robin, so astutely says, “Supporting local businesses that I like with my $$ makes me feel good. Ordering stuff online from mega-corporations that do zilch to make my community a better place makes me feel shitty.” I couldn’t agree more. These giant corporations – your Amazons, your Netflixeses, your Shaws or Apples – they don’t need your hard earned dollars. The local guy – your record stores, your shoe stores, your erotic cake shops and, of course, your video stores – they need your support. These are the places that make living in whatever area of the city you live in great! And the money you spend there stays in the community, it doesn’t go to buy another boat or helicopter for the gross CEO’s of mega-corporations.

My friend, Daniel, threw this down and wants everyone to spread it around, “I challenge the world to spend $10 bucks a month at your local video store!!!! You’ll gladly toss that much to a corporate behemoth that will soon control the distribution of all movie and tv media in the future… so why not match that amount and also support your local indie movie shop?!” Especially if what you think we do is important. And I know that you do. This goes for all your favourite local haunts as well. Pass it on.

New Releases!


The Evil Within – Mentally handicapped boy takes orders from the demonic demon in his mirror and goes on a murderous rampage. If that didn’t grab you how about I mention that it took over 15 years to make was and inspired by the meth-riddled dreams of one of the famed Getty family members? And it eventually killed him! Now you want to watch this crazy cult oddity don’t you. I knew it!


Into the Forest – After the power goes out and there’s no power anywhere two sisters (Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood) take to their woodland home and learn to live on their own without any power. Might be good to watch and learn some things. Just in case.


Louie Season 5 – More Louie is always a good thing.


Man Called Ove – Cranky old fart, Ove, hangs out around his hood enforcing block association rules and generally being a crotchety old man. Then some boisterous new neighbors move in next door just as mean old Ove is preparing to cash in his chips. You won’t believe what happens next…


Our Little Sister – Nice quiet little comedy drama from Japanese master Koreeda finds some sisters hanging at their grandmother’s home who welcome their thirteen year-old half-sister into the fold. Nice.


Street Cat Named Bob – Lovely little movie that will warm that cold, dead heart of yours about a drug-addicted busker whose life is transformed (for the better, I assume) when he hooks up with a stray ginger cat. Cats are magic.


Tanna – Oscar nominated flick set on a remote island in the South Pacific. Themes of loyalty, forbidden love and old ways butting up against new abound in this lovely little film.


War on Everyone – From the bloke who made the amazing Calvary and The Guard, comes this comedy action thingy about a pair of corrupt cops who take to blackmailing everyone until they run up against a tough guy who might be even tougher than they are.


XXX: The Return of Xander Cage – Bullet-headed meat muffin, Vin Diesel, is back as Xander Cage in a new and exciting sequel to a movie that most had forgotten even existed. Don’t know what it’s about? Doesn’t matter.

Coming Soon!

The Salesman
The Red Turtle
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
The Space Between Us
Get Out
The Wall


Our Little Sister
Man Called Ove
Louie Season 5
The Love Witch
The Ninth Floor
Patriot’s Day
Girl with All the Gifts
La La Land

Need even more suggestion? Well then, here you go.

That’s it for this week folks! Have a fine week, get out and vote and I hope to see your lovely faces in the stores soon. Shop Local!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter May 2 – 8 “Sweet Sweet Swag Edition!”

Swiggity-sweet Swag!

Swiggity-sweet Swag!

So we’ve finally made good on our threat to bring in alternative products (alternative to movies that is) for sale at the stores. Look for such interesting and cool items as Dawn of the Dead mugs and playing cards, Clockwork Orange lunch-boxes, Ouija playing cards, Sasquatch T-shirts, Audrey Hepburn mugs with more fabulous stuff to come! I just have to build some shelves to display all this quality merch on and we’ll be laughing! Laughing!

New Releases


The Comedian – Funny man Robert DeNiro (?!) looks back on his life as an aging insult comic. For a movie titled The Comedian there sure seems to be a short supply of actual comedians in it.


A Dog’s Purpose – To fetch the newspapers? To pee on your pillow? To eat your shoes? To tear out the mail-delivery person’s throat? I assume that the purpose for the dog in this nice family film is none of those.


Divorce Season 1 – New HBO show finds Thomas Hayden Church and his terrible moustache getting divorced from Sarah Jessica Parker and her enormous horse-shaped head. Not too sure if there’s anyone else in this funny show with 3 names but at least you have these two. Still hoping that Lou Diamond Philips makes an appearance.


Fifty Shades Darker – Did we need another creepy sequel to that other movie? I guess we did. Shot here in sexy Vancouver town so it has that going for it.


Gold – Mat McConaughey and some terrible hair stars as a gold digger fella in search of gold up in them darn hills of Indonesia. Loosely based on true things.


I Am Not Your Negro – Excellent doc about writer James Baldwin and the story of modern race relations in the good ole US of A.


The Love Witch – Awesome psychedelic-tinged, 60’s flavoured cult item about a modern day witch who uses witchcraft (what else would she use, she’s a witch!) to make men fall in love with her. But do her spells work too well? Are there unforeseen consequences involved with such witchery? Watch and find out!


Ninth Floor – Fine doc from local filmmaking hero, Mina Shum, chronicles the occupation of the ninth floor (title!) of Sir George Williams University in Montreal after the reported mishandling of racist accusations by the school’s administration back in the day. Check it out!


Orange is the New Black Season 4 – The ladies in orange are back for more behind prison walls hijinks.


Paterson – Latest flick from Jim Jarmuch flick finds a guy named Paterson driving a bus and writing poetry in a town called Paterson. Heavy. And funny. And thoughtful. And other stuff.


Rings – Another movie about that cursed video tape (!) that if you watch it, you die within 7 days. I guess that’s why everyone switched to DVD.


Tunnel – Thriller from South Korea about a fella on his way home from work (this commute is gonna kill me!) who gets trapped when the poorly constructed tunnel he’s driving through collapses on him. Bummer.

Coming Soon!

Into the Forest
Despite the Falling Snow
The Space Between Us
Shepherds and Butchers

We have a ton of great things to recommend for your viewing pleasure. All you have to do is click here for New Releases we like and here for a world of everything else!

That’s it for this week folks. Hope to see your lovely faces in the stores soon.

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Black Dog Video Newsletter April 25th – May 1 “Spring Cleaning Edition!”


That’s one cool cat.

The calendar is telling me it’s supposed to be spring and that means it’s time to get down and dirty and clean the house and get rid of all that unwanted detritus we’ve collected over our lives, past and present. You know, your Dad’s old Playboy collection, secretly de-Legoing your place, that rowing machine you bought at a yard sale last spring and is now sitting in your basement with old hockey equipment strung all over it. Maybe even your physical media collection? That’s where we come in. Drop off your DVD collections to either store and get some swell in-store credit, maybe even a bit of cash and for sure, our love and admiration! Not only will you be helping out your favourite local video shop but you’ll have room for that exercise bike you’re thinking of picking up. We all win! Approval Cat approves of this message.

New Releases!


The Affair Season 3 – Wow, this affair has been going on for a long time? How do they keep it a secret? Nobody suspects anything yet? That’s some serious affairing.


Age of Shadows – Excellent cloak and dagger thriller from South Korea that involves Korean resistance fighters dealing with Japanese occupation in 1920’s Seoul. Looks totes cool.


Animal Kingdom Season 1 – Sweet-looking tough drama based on the fine, tough Australian movie of the same name finds a tough family doing tough things in Southern California. Me thinks this might be a very cool, but tough, show.


Catfight – I wish the Canadian DVD cover was as cool as this. We’re so lame. Word on the street has it that this is a very funny ferocious comedy that finds Sandra Oh and Anne Heche, as two privileged college rivals, battling it out for some reason as they attend a glamorous affair.


The Girl With All the Gifts – Zombies abound in this dystopian future nightmare that finds a scientist and a teacher going on a perilous journey full of peril with a “special” young girl. Heard this is pretty fabulous! Another DVD and Blu Ray copy are on the way. Don’t fret!


Tampopo (Criterion Edition) – Much-loved Japanese comedy/drama about food and family and other things gets the lovely Criterion treatment!


Tower – Excellent doc that uses many interesting cinematic techniques to tell the story of that guy who climbed into a tower on the University of Texas campus back in 1966 and shot a bunch of people. One of the best films of 2016.


Underworld: Blood Wars – More vampires in leather pants fighting werewolves who wear only pants (I assume for no reason). I think, and hope, that this is last in this tired franchise.


Witness for the Prosecution – New fancy updated version of the famed Agatha Christie story about the murder (a murder most foul!) of a wealthy glamorous heiress and the folks who may or may not have done the murdering. Good times.

Coming Soon!

A Dog’s Purpose
I Am Not Your Negro
Despite the Falling Snow
Shepherds and Butchers
The Love Witch
The Red Turtle
The Salesman
Into the Forest

Need a little help deciding what to rent? We can help with that. Click here for a bunch of New Releases that we’ve liked. Tool around the “Recommends” section of the website for many other great lists and ideas!

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Stay dry, stay warm and remember, keep watching.

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Black Dog Video Newsletter April 18-24 “150 Years of Canadian Film Edition!”


Of course there’s a moose.

Seems there’s a bit of Canadian movie celebration happening tomorrow! This country (Canada) turns 150 years old this year and Wednesday the 19th (good thing they didn’t choose 4/20) has been dubbed National Canadian Film Day 150. Now I’m pretty sure that Canadians have not been making films for 150 years as, well, film-making wasn’t invented until the 1890’s. But that doesn’t matter. Celebrate all that is good and great about Canadian movies as there are tons of amazing Canadian films! There’s some free showings around town including local film-making hero, Mina Shum, presenting her debut feature Double Happiness at the Frederic Wood Theatre. Or you can drop by the store tomorrow and nab 5 wonderful Canadian films for only $10! Way to go Canada!

We’re now accepting donations of DVDs at both stores if you want to unload some space-consuming physical media. We’ll also give you in-store credit if you desire for selected titles! This totally helps us to keep on keepin’ on. Thanks!

New Releases!


Always Shine – Well-reviewed psychological thriller that finds two competitive friends, Beth and Anna, taking a weekend trip to Big Sur to sort out their feelings. Something tells me that things don’t go as well as they might have hoped. Be a boring movie if they did.


The Americans Season 4 – Finally, a fresh new season of one of the best shows on the TV. If you aren’t watching this, what’s wrong with you?


Before the Flood – Another cheery doc on how we’re destroying the earth, ruining ecosystems and killing ourselves and everything else on this planet. Man, humans are terrible people. Let’s fix this mess! We can start by not using so much damn plastic – bags and water bottles, I’m looking at you!


The Founder – Michael Keaton plays Jack Kroc, that guy responsible for the rise of McDonald’s and blood pressure and diabetes and heart disease everywhere!


La La Land – Emma Stone won an Oscar, as did the director, and the film itself almost kinda won, but not the Baby Duck (sad Ryan Gosling) for this lovely song and dance extravaganza from the guy who made Whiplash. Haven’t seen it yet but my 11 year-old loved it!


Ocean Waves – From Studio Ghibli comes this great animated tale of nostalgia and memories and life-changing things. A guy returns home from his first year of college and recalls his last year of high school and how that shaped his future or something like that.


Split – M. Night’s latest has James McAvoy playing multiple characters including Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig, The Beast and Crumb (multiple personality disorder, yo!) who kidnaps three girls for various unwholesome reasons. They must escape before a new, nasty personality makes his grand entrance. Sounds like fun!


Woman of the Year – Great screw-ball comedy from 1942 finds Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy as married rival newspaper reporters. Lovely new Criterion release of this George Stevens classic.

Coming Soon!

Tampopo (Criterion)
The Love Witch
Witness for the Prosecution
Underworld 5
Fist Fight
Into the Forest
The Bridge Season 3

Needs some help in choosing your fine home entertainment? Look no further. Well a bit further. Click here for some stellar recommendations!

That’s it for this week, folks. Hope to see you here in 7 days time.

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Black Dog Video Newsletter April 11 – 17 “Rising From the Dead Edition!”


Happy Easter, my tasty child!

Hi! Little ditty about the upcoming Easter weekend. Seems that there’s a doin’s a transpiring over in the Cambie Hood. There will be posters at the bottom of this missive with a few details in case you might want to wander on by. And please do! Happy Easter to you all!

Check out this cool commercial some nice kids over at BCIT did for a project for the Black Dog Video.

New Releases!


Hidden Figures – Very nice crowd pleaser about a trio of African-American women mathematicians who were instrumental in getting NASA’s space program off the ground. So to speak.


Mars Season 1 – Interesting looking show that mixes drama in with some actual documentary footage as humans attempt to colonize the angry red planet in the year 2033.


Papa Hemingway in Cuba – The year is 1959. The place is Cuba (title probably gave it away). The story is a young journalist travels to the Caribbean Island to meet and interview his idol, one Earnest Hemingway, all the while the Cuban revolution is acting up.

Coming Soon!

The Americans Season 4
The Bridge Season 3
The Love Witch
Always Shine
Before the Flood
The Founder
Ocean Waves
Woman of the Year

Need some dandy recommendations? Then look no further! Well maybe a tiny bit further. Click here for some stellar picks for your home viewing experience!

As promised…

Easter Postcard_Frontside_2017Easter Postcard_Backside 2017

That’s it for this week folks. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Great time to catch up on some fine films!
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Black Dog Newsletter Apr 4-10 “First Newsletter of April Edition!”


“Go to Black Dog Videoooooo!”


So we’ve been trying to come up with amazing ideas on how to increase revenue at the stores without compromising our integrity – no, we’re not going to be selling smokes or crack or guns or roses. We thought we might branch out into some cool merchandise: we’ll have a new line of T-Shirts ready to clad your lovely bodies soon, we’re going to add a shelf or area to each store where you can find some neat things such as ouija boards, mugs, movie paraphernalia etc. We’re also hopefully going to get a Black Dog podcast off the ground soon and look for a special new sandwich board over at Commercial! All this plus other stuff! Stuff and things, just what you want!

New Releases!


Daughters of the Dust – Groundbreaking, renowned indie effort from 1991 about a colony of folks on an island just off the coast of South Carolina whose ancestors were slaves and who try to keep up with their cultural traditions and ways of life in an ever-changing world.


Lion – Oscar nominated fare about a little dude who gets lost in the busy streets of Calcutta and eventually gets adopted by an Australian family. After he reaches the age of 25, he sets off to find his original family. Based on a true story of course. Heard very nice things about this one.


Monster Trucks – Kids fare about talking trucks or talking monsters or trucks that are monsters. Oh, I don’t know!


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: One More Time With Feeling – Great doc about the amazing Nick Cave and his swell band as they record their latest record as Nick Cave faces a terrible tragedy. Love me some Nick Cave.


Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story – Another Star Wars movie for you! Personally I enjoyed this one far more than The Force Awakens, which to me just seemed like a re-hash of the very first movie. This one tells the tale of how Princess Leia (RIP Carrie Fisher) got her hands on the plans for the Death Star. Yes, I know, again with the bloody Death Star! Features a weird looking Peter Cushing (RIP Peter Cushing) as Grand Marlf Tolkien or something like that. Also features a sassy robot!


Silicon Valley Season 3 – Find out what these funny folks are up to in Season 3!


Toni Erdmann – Amusing (from what I’ve been told), if over-long, Oscar nominated comedy from Germany about a practical joking dad who tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter by posing as her CEO life coach. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.



Veep Season 5 – Find out what these funny folks are up to in Season 5!


Young Girls of Rochefort – Another wonderful musical form the 60’s from Jacques Demy (Umbrellas of Cherbourg) starring the lovely and talented Catherine Deneuve about a couple of sisters who leave their small sea-side village in search of romance.

Coming Soon!

Hidden Figures
Mars Season 1
Always Shine
Before the Flood
The Founder

Click on this here button for a slew of fine recommendations for recently released things. Poke around the site to check out our other fabulous lists of things you might enjoy!

That’s it for this week folks. Have a splendid week, enjoy the sun, pet a dog, eat some iced cream and remember, keep watching.

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Black Dog Video Newsletter March 28 – Apr 3rd “Burnt Dad-Bod Edition!”


The sun sets on the Mayan observatory!

Just got back from a few weeks of burning my bloated “Dad-Bod” in the scorching Mexican sun! It wasn’t intentional as I generally try to stay out of the hot rays, but there’s just so many of them in Mexico! I got fried but I will spare you the grisly photos (the above photo I took of a Mayan observatory at Chichen Itza – much nicer). It was pretty wonderful – we swam in crystal clear waters (sometimes with stingrays!) ate tasty food, toured amazing ruins and generally had a great time. Now back to the crushing reality of life – taxes, rain, devising ways to keep this operation running, rain, work. Did I mention the rain?

Just wanted to throw out a nice thanks to James C. for the awesome donation of stellar DVDS to Black Dog! This will help us out immensely. Expect to see a bunch new additions to the shelves for rent as well as on the sale racks.

New Releases that are fresh on the shelves since I’ve been gone!



20th Century Women – Highly-touted flick about three women, Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and Elle Fanning, who explore love and freedom and other nice things in Southern California in the 1970’s. Directed by a guy for some reason.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Fresh, Harry Potter-universe-set thingy about a weird fella, Eddie Redmayne (not too sure about this guy), whose magical beasts escape from his magical bag and wreak magical havoc in olde timey New York. Pretty entertaining fun little ditty.


Gimme Danger – Great doc about Iggy Pop and the Stooges as directed by Jim Jaramuch and, well, just Jim Jaramuch.


Live By Night – Bat Affleck stars and writes and directs this olde timey Boston (Baastin – my Boston accent made into words!) gangster flick.


London Road – Odd musical number about prostitutes getting murdered in a certain area of London. Stars the Tom Hardy.


Master of None – Fine, hilarious little comedy about an Indian fella (Aziz Ansari) trying to make it as an actor in NY. Well worth checking out.


Monster Calls – Family fantasy adventure drama about a boy who turns to a tree monster to help cope when his mom becomes terminally ill. Better than a Swamp Thing I suppose.


Numb – Chilly thriller from Canada about a down-on-their luck couple who hear about gold in them darn hills and set out to get rich. Of course things don’t go as planned. Or do they? They do not! Probably.


Patriot’s Day – Surprisingly good (from what I hear) thriller and what-not about that Boston (Baastin!) marathon bombing a few years ago. Stars the Marky-Mark!

MV5BZWYxODViMGYtMGE2ZC00ZGQ3LThhMWUtYTVkNGE3OWU4NWRkL2ltYWdlL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjYwNDA2MDE@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_Planet Earth II – More animals doing what they do best, living, loving and eating each other. Amazing footage.


Silence – Martin Scorsese directs one of the Spider-Mans, the guy from the Taken movies and the latest Darth Vader-like bad guy in this grim tale of religious dudes trying to bring the good word (whatever that may be) to the people of 17th century Japan. Really want to see this one! Love me some Marty S!


Three – Cool sounding crime thriller from the master, Johnny To, about a guy waiting for his henchmen to rescue him in the hospital after he takes a bullet. Love me some Johnny To!

There are many more, too many really, for me to list that have also graced the shelves as of late. Come on in and take a look around.

New Criterions for Your Lovely Eyes!

Aki Kaurismaki’s Proletariot Trilogy – Includes Shadows in Paradise, Ariel, The Match Factory Girl
Being There
Blow Up
Punch Drunk Love (Blu Ray)

Coming Soon!

Rouge One: Star Wars Story
Hidden Figures
Mars Season 1
Toni Erdmann

Need some recommendations? Click here!

There’s a cool new David Lynch doc you should know about! I guess it dwells in his art realms. We love the Lynch and I’m sure this will be pretty interesting. Check out more info here Facebook: @davidlynchtheartlife and here Twitter: @DavidLynchArt

That’s it for this week folks! Stay dry, keep warm, be nice and remember, keep watching!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter March 7 – 13 “We’re 21 Edition!”


Holy hotdogs, Jim!

Whoa! I came to the realization on Sunday that we’re 21! Twenty-friggin-one! It just kind of snuck up on me that 21 years ago we first opened our doors to the public. What a long strange, but great, trip it’s been. It’s quite amazing and I thank my lucky stars that I’ve been able to do this for so long. We’ve met some wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) people along the way, both as customers and staff. And that’s been the best part of this job, the people. Sure we have an incredible selection of films but it’s the getting to know some of you fabulous folks that made this trip so special. We’ve had many ups and downs along the way but the ups by far outweigh the downs. Here’s to 21 more years!

Note – I’ll be taking a break from the newsletter for the next couple of weeks. I hope that y’all can get by without me!

New Releases


Elle – Controversial (what else would you expect from Paul Verhoeven and Isabelle Huppert?) about a woman who’s viciously attacked in her home and sets out to find the sleaze-bag POS responsible. But it doesn’t end there. I watched this the other night and while I thought it was a damn good film and she is amazing in it, I am still unsure how I feel about it. Check it out if you dare and see what you think?


Eyes of My Mother – Cool-looking intense horror film about a lonely young woman who, after tragedy strikes her family, is consumed by her deepest, darkest, nastiest desires. Filmed in lovely black and white. Sounds pretty much perfect!


Fences – Big time acting from Denzel and Viola Davis highlight this stage to screen adaptation about a working class fella (I can only assume that he makes fences of some sort, unless “fences” is symbolic of his life and the relationships he builds with family and friends?) trying to raise his family in NY of the 1950s. On Blu Ray at the moment, DVDs should be here soon.


Jackie – Natalie Portman is Jackie Kennedy in the days following the assassination of her husband (JFK) in this bio-pic from the director of No, The Club and Tony Manero. Heard good things.


Moana – Lovely animated fare about a feisty Chieftain’s daughter in ancient Polynesia who fights a terrible curse that’s been foisted upon her island.


Passengers – Two extremely good-looking actors wake up out of frozen cryogenic sleep on a spaceship 90 years too early! What are they going to do to pass the time? Well, besides that.


People vs Fritz Bauer – Intense drama about the dude who tracked down notorious Nazi Adolph Eichmann and brought him to justice. Go Nazi hunters!


Windy City Heat – Insanely hilarious movie (from what I’ve been told by quite reliable sources) from Bobcat Goldthwait follows a guy who thinks he’s making an awesome movie but what he doesn’t know is that it’s all a ruse. Sucker. Stars the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Carson Daly and other funny lads.

Coming Soon! (over the next few weeks)

Autopsy of Jane Doe
Assassin’s Creed
Fire at Sea
In Dubious Battle
Live by Night
Master of None S1
Miss Sloane
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Patriots Day
Planet Earth II
The Silence

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Dr. Strange
Windy City Heat
The Fits
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Under the Shadow
Train to Busan

For more tasty selections please click on this here button!

That’s it for this week, folks. I’ll be back all fresh and full of words in a few weeks. Stay warm, stay dry and remember, keep watching.

Black Dog Video


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Black Dog Newsletter February 28 – March 6th “Whoops, Ahem Edition”!


“La La Land! Moonlight! La La Land!! Moonlight!! It’s La La Land and Moonlight!”


Well that was a bit of craziness for an Academy Awards show now wasn’t it? I felt a bit bad for Bonnie and Clyde up there all befuddled like. It was as if we were watching an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Livened things up a bit it did though. I love all the conspiracy theories floating around from Russian hackers to Wall St manipulation to an attempt to increase the ratings on the already most popular broadcast in the world. Hilarious.

New Releases


Doctor Strange – Pretty fun, visually impressive piece of fluff from the Marvel Universe. Annoying Doctor (name is Strange and is played by a guy named Cumberbatch) travels to Nepal in an attempt to regain his hand powers and becomes involved in a world of mystical arts and saving the world and stuff. Worth checking out, especially if you have a “prescription” from one of the many new “pharmacies” that have popped up recently.


Men Go To Battle – Neat-looking western comedy about a couple of brothers trying to hold their estate together in a small Kentucky town during the US Civil War. I wonder how long until the next US civil war? We should have a pool.

MV5BMjM4MjkyMjY2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDI2OTQ4OTE@._V1_UY268_CR0,0,182,268_AL_ Miss Hokusai – Nice looking animated fare from Japan about the life of a famous artist – Miss Hokusai!


Moonlight – Best Picture winner (why is it we only use the word “picture” when we describe an Academy Award nominated film? No one ever says, “Hey did you see that great picture, “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo?!” It’s always movie or film) about the life of a guy growing up in a tough neighbourhood in Miami. I’m sure that there’s much more to it that my lame synopsis.


One Man and His Cow – An Algerian fellow is overjoyed to find that his favourite cow, Jacqueline (hee-hee), has been accepted into the best cow competition in Paris, France. Hilarity and some touching moments, I presume, ensue.


Quarry Season 1 – Dude named Quarry (hence the title of the show, I suppose) returns home from Vietnam (no, he wasn’t on vacation, it’s 1972) only to find hostility and disillusionment wherever he goes. So what does he do? Takes a job as a hitman, of course.


Rules Don’t Apply – The suddenly ubiquitous Warren Beatty is back! Here he plays Howard Hughes (he also directed the film – Beatty, not Hughes) who is the boss of an up-and-coming actress and his driver. Romance, comedy and probably some drama, I presume, ensues.


Shut In – Naomi Watts is caught slumming it in this middling horror number about a isolated psychologist who has to rescue a boy from another dimension or something like that. I always enjoyed watching hockey back in the day when the announcer would throw a shout-out to all the “shut-ins” watching the game that night. I don’t know why I found that funny, but I did.


Trespass Against Us – British crime drama (man they make a lot of crime dramas) about a dude – Michael Fassbender – who wants to leave his gangsta family headed by head gangsta, Brendon Gleeson. Good cast. Good crime.


Wheeler – Odd sounding film has Stephen Dorff applying some make-up and pretending to be a country singing guy who goes to Nashville to “make it”. I guess the draw is that nobody realizes this is a movie being made and lots of country stars are featured as is lots of real live music.

Coming Soon!

Eyes of my Mother
Collateral Beauty

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Dr Strange
Nocturnal Animals
Manchester by the Sea
Hell or High Water
Train to Busan
The Handmaiden

Here’s a nice link if you need scads more recommendations.

Have a fine week folks! Never mind that snow you saw this morning.

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