The Black Dog Newsletter Dec 5-11 “Late For a Very Important Date Edition!”


Apologies for the lateness of this week’s shipment. It seems that Purolator was overwhelmed by Black Friday, Christmas, Black Christmas, Cthulhu, possibility of a mail strike, melting ice caps and maybe even a Swamp Thing. The films are on the shelves now but future shipments may also be delayed. It’s not like Christmas and such just kind of sneaked up on them this year. Good job!

New Releases!


Happytime Murders – Saucy puppets and Melissa McCarthy team up in this puppet-based murder show. Not for kids as rumours of graphic puppet sex and puppet on puppet violence abound.


Here to be Heard: The Story of the Slits – The title pretty much sums up this music documentary.


Ideal Home – From the director of Hamlet 2 and The Craft comes this nice comedy that finds gay couple Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd (not a gay couple in real life. At least I don’t think that they are) raising a 10 year-old for some reason. Hi-jinks, I presume, ensue.


In Harm’s Way – Dude has to bail out of his bomber after dropping his load on Tokyo after the Pearl Harbor attack. He’s recused by an attractive Japanese woman who hides him in her house. They fall in love or something.


Mission Impossible: Fallout – Might be the best Mission Impossible film to date! I’m not much of a Tom Cruise fan but I do enjoy these flicks and he runs a lot in them which is always entertaining for some reason. Plus it has a scene of Henry Cavill loading up his fists, getting ready to punch someone (you’ll laugh when you see it).


The Nun – The scary nun from The Conjuring 2 gets her own spin-off (kinda like Frazier but with creepy nuns!). Now she’s wandering the halls of a cloistered abbey in Romania scaring the bejeezus out of everyone and it’s up to a priest with a haunted past and a pretty young nun to figure it all out.


Never Goin’ Back – Hilarious and raunchy (from what I hear) comedy about a couple of teen-age high-school dropouts who decide to go to the beach. Give it a spin!


Sharp Objects – Excellent TV show directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and written by Gillian Flynn finds Amy Adams returning to her home town to investigate a murder while she fights some demons. Psychological demons, unfortunately.


Victoria Season 2 – More Queen shenanigans as a young and lovely Elizabeth ascends the throne.


What Keeps You Alive – Nice young newly married lesbian couple shuffle off to the mountains to enjoy everything. But what if one turns out to be a sadistic sociopath serial killer? Ask yourself that!

Coming Soon!

Equalizer 2
The Orville Season 1
All the Creatures Were Stirring
Jack Irish Season 2

Just a reminder – we have lovely Black Dog T-Shirts and Hoodies as well as Studio Ghibli socks, amazing Blu Rays from Shout Factory, Gift Certificates and many other cool things for sale at both locations! Christmas is coming! Stuff those stockings!

And if you need some suggestions for new stuff to watch, click here!

Stay warm. Stay sexy, Vancouver!

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The Black Dog Newsletter Nov 28-Dec 4 “Hide Your Fleshy Shame Edition!”


As promised, the sweet sweet swag has arrived! We have T’s and Hoodies in one of our most-requested designs – the Black Sabbath Master of Reality font. We also have a new updated version of our famous Restricted Cat T-Shirt design! Quantities are limited on all items so you might want to move quickly! There should also be more Shout Factory Blu Rays on the shelves for sale this week! Check out our Facebook, Twitters and Instagram – black_dog_video for updates!

New Releases!


Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story – Fascinating tale of this Hollywood icon. Not only was she a famously beautiful actor who barely escaped Nazi Germany, but she was also a genius inventor! How cool is that?!


The Little Stranger – From the director of Room (no, not THE Room) and Frank (a Black Dog favourite!) comes this spooky tale of a country doctor who visits a possibly haunted mansion. Yes please!


Papillon – The file on pointless remakes just keeps growing! Sons of Anarchy guy and Freddie Mercury guy are no match for Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman I have to say. But that said, I may check this out as I like wrongly-imprisoned-guy-has-to- escape-from-Devil’s-Island-petitionary movies.


Picnic at Hanging Rock – See above. Mini-series based on the great Peter Weir film from days of yore about some school girls who mysteriously vanished.


Searching – Dad breaks into his 16 year-old daughter’s laptop after she goes missing. I wonder what he finds in there? Every Dad’s worst nightmare is my guess.


Wolf Creek Season 1 – Did not even know that this existed and I loved the Wolf Creek films – especially the first one – so I’m interested to see where this goes. Jon Jarratt’s Mick Taylor is one of the screens best villains. At Cambie, soon to Commercial.

Coming Soon!

Mission Impossible: Fallout
Happytime Murders
Victoria Season 2
Jack Irish Season 2
The Nun
Sharp Objects
What Keeps You Alive

Here’s what the swell new T’s look like!

t shirts

We also have Studio Ghibli socks but they are going fast as well. Hoping to have more before Christmas!


Talk at y’all next week!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Nov 21- 27 “So it Begins Edition!”

blu rays
So the Shout Factory Blu Rays have started to roll in. Some sweet titles with amazing art work! Many more are on the way. Hoodies and T-shirts have gone to the printers so they should be here soon. Things are happening! Indeed they are!

New Releases


Better Call Saul Season 4 – The fourth season of Better Call Saul! One of the best shoes on the TV!


Blindspotting – Excellent comedy crime drama that centres on a fella, fresh out of prison, who must reevaluate his relationship with his volatile best friend.


Cold Skin – Cool, or should I say cold, looking horror thriller from the director of Frontier(s) about a dude who takes a job in Antarctica as a weather observer, for some reason, but soon finds out the area is teeming with nasty things that come out at night.


Crazy Rich Asians – Word has it that this romantic comedy is actually quite excellent with many lovely montages of Singaporean street food (I’m in!).


The Forest of Lost Souls – Odd little horror thriller from Portugal about 2 people who meet in a famous spot known for suicides but one of them is not who they seem. Or maybe they are! But probably not. Looks cool.


The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time – Ah Jeez, another tornado full of sharks movie (not a documentary). How many tornadoes full of sharks can there be? This one involves time travel, sharks and, well, tornadoes. Hence the cheeky title.


The Meg – Pretty silly, poorly made, with crappy looking sharks movie about Jason Statham and friends fighting an enormous shark that was thought extinct. As stupid as this film was I have to say I quite enjoyed it for it’s craptacular crappiness.


No Offence Season 2 – Manchester cops going abut their business and getting their cop on! Good stuff.


The Third Murder – Another film (I think like 6 in the last 3 years) from Hirokazu Koreeda! Dude slow down, you’re making Takeshi Miike look bad! This one is a courtroom drama that centres around the murder of a factory president. Of course it”l be great.

Coming Soon!

The Little Stranger
Picnic at Hanging Rock

If you’re interested in something interesting to watch, check out our recommendations! We have many different categories and if you make it to the end of the page we have suggestions for new releases, if that’s your jam. Click here!

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The Black Dog Newsletter Nov 14-20 “Look at Our Stuff Edition!”


You like things? We have things! We finally got another shipment of Studio Ghibli socks to make your feet happy. We should also have more hoodies – the Black Sabbath design – as well as T-Shirts (with varying designs) very soon. If that wasn’t enough we’re bringing in some cool Blu Rays from Shout Factory to sell. They should be on the shelves for purchase this week! And if you need to order something fantastic for you or a loved one, let us know!

New Releases!


Alpha – A boy and his dog tale but this time it’s a cave boy and his wolf tale.


The Death of Louis XIV – King Louis returns from a hunting trip with a pain in his leg and a ridiculous wig and then dies.


Homeland Season 7 – Season 7 of the spy show Homeland.


Juliet, Naked – Nice-looking romantic comedy from the book by Nick Hornby (I think I read this) about a woman (may or may not be naked) who strikes up a correspondence with a washed up singer fella.


Marlina the Murderer in Four Parts – A feminist western from Indonesia finds a recently widowed woman set upon by some evil men. She takes some revenge and then hits the road. Heard plenty of great things about this one.


Mile 22 – Marky Mark is a cop with some big guns who goes to Indonesia (again!) to smuggle out a mysterious cop (Iko Uwais – The Raid movies) who knows something.


Preacher Season 3 – Season 3 of this fine, weird show.


Puzzle – Lovely little romantic drama finds Kelly McDonald finding a love for jigsaw puzzles that leads her to unexpected places.


Pyewacket – A girl inadvertently awakens something nasty in the woods when she tries to invoke the spirit of a witch to kill her mom. Lesson learned. Probably.


Star Trek: Discovery – New Star Trek show! I hear it’s very good!


Succession Season 1 – Excellent drama show that follows a family who are deep into the world of global media. Whatever that may be.

Coming Soon!

The Meg
Crazy Rich Asians
We the Animals

That’s it for this week folks! Stay warm. Stay safe and remember, keep watching.

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The Black Dog Newsletter Nov 7-13 “Winter is Probably Coming Edition!”


Daylight is dwindling, the trees are almost bare naked, the sun is so low on the horizon it sears the retinas. This can only mean one thing…movie watching season is upon us (although I think all of the seasons are movie watching season)! I’m happy that we’re still here and still able to help you through these dark, dank, desperate months. You are the wind beneath our wings.

New Releases!


BlackKkKlansman – Latest (and one of the best) flicks from Spike Lee finds a black cop infiltrating the KKK in the 1970’s. And it’s a true story! DVDs are on the shelf, Blu Rays should be here by Friday.


Christopher Robin – Ewan McGregor stars in yet another tale of the famed author of Winnie the Pooh. A nice Disney family film for the family.


Incredibles 2 – Sequel to one of Pixar’s best animated flicks. I expect it’s more of the same. Which is OK by me.


Killing Eve – Excellent TV show about the hunt for an assassin. Stars the always great Sandra Oh. Should be on the shelves later this week.


Mandy – Awesome psychedelic, phantasmagorical violent revenge flick that will stomp your brains into another dimension! Nic Cage is a nice guy seeking revenge from the gross drug-fueled cult that killed his wife. Not for all tastes but definitely mine. Loved it.


Sorry to Bother You – Odd alternate reality comedy finds a black telemarketer disguising his voice so he sounds more “white” and becomes a big success. Plus other stuff! Should be on the shelves later this week.


Teen Titans Go! To the Movies! – Don’t know much about whatever this may be. Teenage superheroes? And they go to the movies? For kids? Reviews say it’s actually very good. So there ya go.

Coming Soon!

Juliet, Naked
The Meg
Succession Season 1
Star Trek Discovery: Season 1
Death of Louis XIV
Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

That’s it for this week folks. If you need some swell recommendations, click HERE. If you need to listen to our podcast, click HERE. See you soon!

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The Black Dog Newsletter: Oct 31-Nov 6 – “Happy Halloween Edition!”


Happy Halloween everybody! Best day of the year! And with it comes the conclusion of our 31 Days of Halloween movie extravaganza. Check out the full list here. And if that’s not enough scary things, here’s a list of our favourite horror films we put together a couple of years ago.

But that’s not all! There’s a nice special Halloween edition of our podcast ready to scare you into fits of laughter up and ready! Deadly Friend! Listen up.

New Releases


Americans Season 6 – Final Season of this outstanding spy show. Will they be found out? Will the daughter be a spy? The son? What about the FBI neighbour? Or the weirdo priest? What’s gonna happen?!!


Dark Money – Intense and important doc chronicling how that bastion of democracy, the good ole US of A, sold their elections to the highest bidder with the stupid Citizens Untied Supreme Court ruling back in 2010. What a joke. A sad sad joke.


Destination Wedding – Canoe and Winona are two miserable miscreants who attend the same wedding and, guess what, fall for each other. Might be OK.


I Think We’re Alone Now – After the apocalypse a loner becomes infatuated with 80’s singer Tiffany and sets out to meet her. Wait, I may be confusing the documentary of the same name with this movie about a loner who enjoys the post-apocalyptic scene until someone else (not necessarily Tiffany) shows up.


Mara – Horror movie about a criminal psychologist investigating the death of a guy who was strangled in his sleep. Was it his wife or some sort of otherworldly demon?!


Reprisal – A bank teller, haunted by a robbery gone wrong, hooks up with straight-to-DVD hero Bruce Willis to exact revenge on the bank robber guy.


Scorpion King: Book of Souls – Sword and sandals sand-fest that finds a guy named Scorpion King teaming up with the female warrior Tala to find the Book of Souls. Why is always Book of Souls or Book of the Dead? Why is it never Book of Muffins or Book of Kittens and Puppies that folks seek?


7 Sisters aka What Happened to Monday – Sci-fi mind-bender finds 7 identical sisters (all played by Noomi Repace) trying to find out what happened to one of the Noomi Repaces (they’re named after the days of the week) in a future where folks can only have one child.


Slender Man – Horror film about that slim internet fellow who was scaring all the kids for a short period of time a couple of years ago.


Spy Who Dumped Me – Comedy that finds Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon embroiled in some hilarious espionage when they find out one of their ex-boyfriends was actually a spy!


Woman in White – A fine BBC adaptation of the famous story by Wilkie Collins about a mysterious, well, woman in white. There ya go.

Coming Soon!

Incredibles 2
Sorry to Bother You
Christopher Robin
Killing Eve
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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The Black Dog Newsletter October 24-30 “Something Wicked This Way Comes Edition!”


Set your calendars to stun because I’m here to tell of a cool thing happening this Friday at the Commercial Black Dog! We’ll be hosting an in-store signing featuring Tristan Risk and other fine folks involved in the recent Blu Ray release, Amazon Hot Box! It’s happening from 7 – 8:30 and they’ll be signing things related to this title. So pop by and check it out!

And I hope that you’re all following our 31 Days of Halloween movie recommendations! Lots of good things here. Some you may not have heard of and should check out. Link!

New Releases!


Arizona – Dark comedy type of thing has Danny McBride (love him or hate him, you choose!) and Rosemary DeWitt in a dark comedy type of thing set during the housing crisis in 2009. May have some murder in it.


Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Very Far on Foot – Comedy/drama bio-pic finds artist, John Callahan, willing himself back to doing his controversial and hilarious art after a nasty accident. Stars the always great Joaquin Phoenix under the direction of the sometimes great, Gus Van Zant. That title is too long though.


Mamma Mia 2: The Dark Web – Sorry I wanted a funny title like Mamma Mia 2: Day of the Jackal or Mamma Mia 2: Blood Reign but I got lazy and just usurped the next film’s title. Apologies.


Unfriended: The Dark Web – I liked the first Unfriended which warned us of the dangers of the internet and ghosts. I’m hoping for more of the same here. Question! How does one get to the “Dark Web”? Do you just type that into Google, Ask Jeeves or Alta Vista and, presto, you’re in the Dark Web?

Coming Soon!

7 Sisters
Scorpion King: Book of Souls
Dark Money
Destination Wedding
The Woman in White
Slender Man

That’s it for this week, folks! The rains are a coming, so you know what to do! See you soon.

Black Dog Video

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The Black Dog Newsletter October 17-23 “Celebrate Good Times Edition!”


You may have it already marked on your calendar, but this Saturday is the 8th annual International Independent Video Store Day! There’s not too many of us left so now’s a good time to get out and celebrate and support your favourite local! We’re doing our best to hang in there and provide all of you lovely humans the best cinema the world has to offer. Pop in this Saturday to enjoy rental deals – rent 2 get a 3rd free, sale offers – all of our $5 sale movies will be 2 for 1, and a cool mystery grab bag full of mysterious cool things that we’ll raffle off. There may even be balloons! Hope to see you there!

Also we have a new episode of our podcast, Black Dog After Dark, up and ready for your eager ears. Listen as Alex, Dylan and I have a few pops and give our thoughts on the classic, Switchblade Sisters!

New Releases!


The Affair Season 4 – I haven’t seen any of this show, although I hear it’s quite good, but I can’t help but think; isn’t 4 years an awfully long time to be having an affair? But what do I know?


Ant Man and the Wasp Lady – The first Ant Man movie was much better than I thought it would be and I hear number 2 is even better. Plus it has a wasp woman!


Boundaries – This sounds appealing – I like both Vera Farmiga and Chris Plummer and I like road trip movies – but word of mouth has it that this one, about a mom and her kid forced to drive her estranged pot-dealing dad across the country, is a bit of a dog. And not a good dog. Who’s a good dog! Not you.


BuyBust – Awkward title can’t slow down the intense awesome action of this “drug cops caught in a deadly maze in the slums of Manila” violent extravaganza. Sounds a bit like The Raid so I’m all in!


Prayer Before Dawn– Heavy intense violent drama tells the true story of an English pugilist incarcerated in a nasty Thai prison who has to fight in Muay Thai tournaments to earn his freedom. I’m on board with this one as well!


We Are the Flesh – Crazy, grim-sounding, maybe even shocking and disturbing, film from Mexico finds two siblings wandering the smoking ruins of a city. One day they stumble across one of the last remaining buildings where a creepy guy lives who makes them some sort of offer….

Coming Soon!

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot
Mama Mia 2: The Reckoning
Endeavor Season 4
Unfriended: Dark Web
I Think We’re Alone Now

Oh, one more thing, don’t forget the in-store signing next Friday the 26th at 7pm featuring local film hero, Tristan Risk, plus others at the Commercial location. Should be fun!

One also last thing – I hope that you’re following along and enjoying our 31 Days of Halloween recommendations. Good scary thing lie in wait for you!

Enjoy the beautiful weather, you beautiful people, you!

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The Black Dog Newsletter October 10 – 16th “Too Many Things Edition!”

So many lovely things to tell you about this week! I’ll be as brief as possible… October 20th is International Independent Video Store Day! Come celebrate all that is wild and woolly about your favourite local; we’ll have rental and sale deals, giveaways and other things! October 26th pop into the Commercial store at 7pm for an in-store DVD signing with Tristan Risk and a bunch of other fine folks to celebrate Darkside Releasing’s Amazon Hot Box! Also don’t forget to hit up our Facebook or twitter or website for our daily dose of horror recommendations! Whew!

New Releases!


Constantine: City of Demons: The Movie – Nice animated fare featuring the rascally demon hunter, John Constantine.


Dark River – Alice, a wandering sheep-shearer, has been away for 15 years. But with the passing of her father she returns home to claim, what she believes, is her right to the family farm. I wonder if things go smoothly?


Eighth Grade – Excellent film about a young girl trying to survive her last week of a disastrous eighth grade (see title) before she hits the big time in high school.


Hotel Artemis – Cool, weird looking sci-fi number that finds Jodie Foster as a nurse who runs secret, members-only, emergency room for criminals in L.A. sometime in the near future. (should be on the shelves by the end of the week)


Hotel Transylvania 3 – The third Hotel Transylvania movie.


Okja – A young girl risks all she has to prevent her best friend – a giant strange pig-like creature – from being kidnapped by an evil multinational corporation who wants to turn it into food or something.


Skyscraper – The Rock must save his family from the world’s tallest skyscraper which is also on fire. Expect lots of unbelievable stunts and snappy one-liners from the charming mountain of muscles.


Three Identical Strangers – Three identical triplets, who were separated at birth, meet for the first time as adults and then plot their revenge. Not too sure about the revenge part of this documentary but this looks to be quite the fascinating tale.

Coming Soon

Ant Man and the Wasp Woman
Prayer Before Dawn
We Are the Flesh
The Affair Season 4

That’s it for this week, folks. One more tiny thing – we should have a fresh new episode of the podcast ready for you in a few days. Check in here!


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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Oct 3 – 9 “Scaretober Edition!”


Ah, October, where have you been? We missed you with your crisp clean air, chestnuts donging off the roofs of cars and, of course, Halloween, the most magical, wonderful time of the year! As has become somewhat of a tradition around these parts, we here at ye Olde Black Dogge will be serving up a tasty stew of horror movie recommendations! Everyday, starting 2 days ago, we’ll be posting a scary movie recommendation to (maybe) literally scare the pants off of you. We’ll try not to repeat too many suggestions from previous lists but if you’re interested, and I know that you are, click HERE! Happy Shocktober!

New Releases!


Barry – Excellent funny comedy (the best kind!) finds hit-man Bill Hader moving to LA and getting caught up in the live theatre scene.


Blood Fest – Fun-looking horror-comedy about some kids attending a horror festival only to find the diabolical and deadly plans the organizer has for all the attendees.


The First Purge– Ever wonder why or how they started these Purges? Ya, me neither. This is the first one of these that I watched and, except for the bad script, poor acting, nonsensical plot, lame production values, terrible lighting and lack of gratuitous violence, it was great!


Leave No Trace – From Debra Granik, the writer/director of the excellent Winter’s Bone, comes this intense drama about a dad and his daughter living off the grid until something happens that shatters their existence as they know it. Expect to see this one pop up on a lot of best of the year lists, unlike The First Purge.


Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich – A strange evil force makes a bunch of nasty puppets come to life at an auction and start murdering everyone. No, this is not a documentary. Written by the fella who made Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99. So it has that going for it.


Sicario: Day of the Soldado – Very good follow-up to Sicario but without Emily Blunt, it’s a tad too dude heavy for my tastes. That said, and despite a bit too Hollywoody ending, it’s still a solid action thriller. Although I still don’t know what Soldado means. I guess I could look it up.

Coming Soon!

Dark River
Three Identical Strangers
Eighth Grade
Hotel Transylvania 3
Constantine: City of Demons
Shetland Season 4

Also, we’ll be selling a local distributor’s, Darkside Releasing, cool-looking Blue Rays! Check out these nifty looking items pop in for an in-store signing October 26th at the Commercial branch!

That’s it for this week folks! Don’t to check out our podcast here. It’s funny and informative and well, funny anyways.

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