The Black Dog Newsletter Feb 21-27 “Handsome Gold Statue Man Edition!”


In lieu of the regular newsletter (new films won’t be arriving until Friday evening) we bring you this extra special Oscar edition!

I don’t know about you but I’ve heard that it’s the Academy Awards weekend! And I don’t know about you but, even though I work and have worked for many years in this industry, I really don’t give a rat’s fart about the Oscars. I love movies and talking about movies and I love making lists about movies and so forth but the Academy Awards have rarely ever reflected my tastes in what are considered to be the best films of the year.

Thinking back, the most recent film to win the BIG PRIZE that I considered worthy was No Country for Old Men in 2007. There have been some good films – Spotlight, Moonlight, – something else with the word Light in it – but these never made my top picks. Maybe it’s because I’m a weirdo and have strange tastes (hell The Greasy Strangler made my top picks in 2016!) but “favourite” anything is always subjective, so whatever. Here’s my list for the best films I saw in 2018 (some came out in 2017 but I didn’t get a chance to see them until well into 2018).

One of my customers, Jon (who inspired this edition of the newsletter), does an annual list of Oscar this and Oscar that. Check out his predictions and things here.

And here’s my predictions for this year’s BIG SHOE..

Best Picture

Black Panther (?!)
Blackkklansman – the only nominated film I saw to make my top of the year list.
Bohemeian Rhapsody – Didn’t see it. Heard mixed things.
The Favourite – Didn’t See it, really want to.
Roma – Heard good things.
Green Book – Zzzz.
Star is Born – Whatever.
Vice – My co-worker Dylan hated this movie.

Prediction – Bohemian Rhapsody – in keeping with the Academy’s poor voting record.
My Pic – You Were Never Really Here


Alfonso Cauron (Roma)
Yorgos Lanthomos (Favourite)
Spike Lee (Blackklansman)
Adam Mackay (Vice)
Pawel Pawlikowski (Cold War)

Prediction – Alfonso Cauron – Academy likes the Mexican directors!
My pick – either Spike Lee (about friggin time!) or Lynne Ramsay (You Were Never Really Here) – be nice to see a woman nominated – or Gaspar Now for creating one of the craziest, most awesome and intense films I’ve seen in a while (Climax).

Actress – Note – I haven’t seen any of these movies.

Yalitzo Aparcio (Roma)
Glenn Close (The Wife)
Olivia Coleman (Favourite)
Lady Gaga (Star is Born)
Melissa McCarthy (Can You Ever Forgive Me)

Prediction Glenn Close
My Pick – Toni Collette (Hereditary) or Glenn Close (always good dating back to Garp) or Olivia Coleman (loved her in Broadchurch!). I’d like to see Lady Gaga win just to hear that sentence.

Actor – Note – I haven’t seen any of these movies.

Christian Bale (Vice)
Brad Cooper (Star is Born)
Willem Dafoe (At Eternity’s Gate)
Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody)
Viggo Mortenson (Green Book)

Prediction – Rami Malek – for having to wear those teeth or Christian Bale for getting really fat and ugly and acting like a Dick.
My Pick – Joaquin Phoenix and his hammer (You Were Never Really Here) or Ethan Hawke (First Reformed – easily his best work) or Willem Dafoe – Loved him in everything from To Live and Die in LA to Shadow of the Vampire.

I’m not going to do best dramatic short animated feature or any of the other categories. I hope you’re OK with that. Anyways enjoy the Oscars if that’s your bag. I’ll be watching (only because I’ll be in a bar with my friends).

I’ll have a regular newsletter next week with some actual films that we have for your viewing pleasure. See you on the other side.

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The Black Dog Newsletter February 14-20 “Love is in the Air Edition!”


Yes it’s the Love Day, The Valentine’s Day. If there ever was a celebration geared to get you to spend money and make you feel bad, this is it. But we’re here to help! Listen to our special Valentine’s Day podcast here! We celebrate with a few beers and chat about My Bloody Valentine! I hope this makes your day brighter and more beautiful.

New Releases!


At Eternity’s Gate – Willam Dafoe is a painter named Vinny van Gogh (perhaps you’ve heard of him) in this rousing bio-pic. (today at Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


Between Worlds – Wow, it’s been a few months since we’ve had a Nic Cage film. Here he’s a fella who’s dead wife’s spirit has inhabited the body of a woman’s daughter who was dying and the woman can save spirits by suffocating. I don’t understand it either.


Front Runner – Political dealy about Gary Hart’s run for the president back in whenever and how it was derailed because of his wandering penis. Hugh Jackman is the man.


Hounds of Love – Nasty Australian piece of business (has tons of great reviews!) about a crazy couple who kidnap teenage girls and well, you can probably guess what happens. Their latest captive must use her wits and the couple’s troubles against them to survive.


Mermaid: Lake of the Dead – Killer mermaid movie from Russia.


Overlord – A group of Allied G.I.’s in 1944 Germany discover some evil doings going on in a fort of some kind. Think Nazi zombies and you can board this train.


Possum – A disgraced children’s puppeteer returns home to face his evil stepfather and some weird puppets. This little British horror ditty looks like it might have legs.


Robin Hood – Yet another re-telling of this over-told yarn.


A Star is Born – Brad Cooper and Lady Gaga liven up the proceedings in this often told tale. Reminds me of when my kid was 6 he came home from school all excited to tell me that Lady Gaga was born in an egg!


Shoplifters – Latest wonder from Koreeda finds a family of small-time criminals taking in a kid they find outside in the cold. Nominated for Best Foreign film. (today at Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


Wild Boys – Crazy-looking French weirdo tale of savages crimes, haunted sailboats, Dutch Captains, mutiny, supernatural islands, luscious vegetation and bewitching powers. (today at Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


You Might be the Killer – A camp counselor, who suffers from blackouts, finds himself surrounded by dead bodies (not living ones). Might he be responsible? This horror-comedy looks to be a fun ride.

Coming Soon!

Mary Queen of Scots
Possession of Hannah Grace
Ralph Breaks the Internet
Creed II
The Favourite
Green Book
Vox Lux
Ben is Back

Here’s an interesting essay on what might be just down the road for all of our viewing habits in the near future.

That’s it for this week, cool cats. Enjoy the snow and the long weekend. Get out and rent some movies! We’d love to see your smiling faces.

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The future? What does it hold? For you? For me? For us?


Here’s an interesting post made by another video store owner somewhere. It’s an interesting read and may effect all of our futures! (note – edited for reasons)

There’s Still A Video Store in Vancouver?

I often get asked how a video store could still be in business in today’s internet environment with so many streaming options, both legal and illegal. Short answer is, it’s not easy. However, I do see the viability of a video store becoming stronger in the near future! Let me explain…

First, let’s tackle the illegal streaming options – these are “pirate” websites from which you can download and/or stream just about any movie or tv show you are looking for. Some people access these sites through their computer, but most access them through “the box”, a little black box which is sort of like a mini-computer onto which you can upload “apps” to search the internet for what you are looking for. The box itself is not illegal; however, use of the apps and the act of streaming/downloading the content and watching it in your home is illegal. The simple fact is you are watching copyrighted content without paying for it. I’ve had people say “It’s so easy and the content is on the internet, so it must be legal” – well, sorry, but it is not. The IP’s (internet providers – Rogers, Eastlink, Bell, etc.) are currently ramping up efforts to identify and stop the illegal streaming of copyrighted material. They are just awaiting the green light from the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission). Once this happens, the IP’s will send a message to anyone streaming copyrighted material and request you to stop, and if you don’t, they will be able to cut off your internet access. They are already doing this in the case of downloading of copyrighted material. In short, very soon you will not be able to use those boxes for illegal streaming no matter how hard you try.

Second, legal streaming options – these are any services you pay for access, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crave, CBS All Access, etc. Netflix has had a great run at providing plenty of content for a low monthly fee (easy when they don’t pay taxes!); however, their great selection is in jeopardy as film studios try other ways to get you to pay for and watch their content. Netflix knows this, that is why they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in developing their own content, such as Bird Box, Roma and TV shows such as Orange is the New Black. Of course, producing their own content costs money, that is why they have increased their monthly charge 3 times over the last year. They will also be losing all content from Disney (which Disney owns Pixar, Fox studios, Touchstone pictures, ABC, Lucasfilm, Marvel and the list goes on) as Disney will begin their own streaming service later this spring. As more studios develop their own streaming service you will need to subscribe to multiple services to be able to watch the movies or tv shows you want to watch. Want to watch The Last Kingdom? Netflix. Want to watch Stars Wars or a Marvel movie? Disney. Want to watch Sons of Anarchy? Crave. Want to watch Star Trek? CBS All Access. All of a sudden, you are paying for 10 streaming services to watch the shows and movies you want to watch. Of course, there’s still cable/satellite so you can watch the news and sports, or you could subscribe to the individual leagues (NFL, NHL, MLB) for well over $100/year each (and that doesn’t cover other sports you may want to watch – tennis, golf, darts, Thunderdome, Olympics).

Third, there is the excitement (or some would say nostalgia) of going to your local video store and seeing all the movies and tv series available to watch. I often have customers who have not been to the store for a few months who have come back and realized there were many movies they never heard of (because Netflix didn’t suggest it for them, or more the case – doesn’t have it) and tv series they didn’t have access to. That is where the staff at a video store can help you find movies and tv series that are of interest to you and that you will enjoy watching. Also shopping local is the best and right thing to do. It keeps the neighbourhood vibrant and alive, provides jobs for the locals and the money stays in the hood and doesn’t go to fund some evil gazzillionaire’s third yacht or moon shuttle.

In conclusion, yes, there currently still is a video store in Vancouver! Two actually! As the owner I promise to do what we can to keep it running for as long as we can. And with the help and support of all of you fabulous folks who like what we do, we can keep this train on the tracks for quite some time. Come in and talk to the staff and discover what is available to take home, relax, and enjoy in front of your tv tonight. Don’t let us all wish we still had a video store when it becomes viable again in the next year or two. Enjoy your local video store today! And tomorrow! And on into The Future!

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The Black Dog Newsletter Feb 6-13 “Chillin’ Your Giblets Edition!”


Dang it’s cold out there! Not -98 like it was in Winnipeg last week, but cold for this neck of the woods. But fear not, Black Dog is here to warm your cockles with a boatload of new films to huddle with around the warn glow of your TV.

New Releases!


Best F(r)iends – Who told Tommy Wiseau (The Room) that he should make another movie? At least he didn’t direct this one. A drifter befriends a weirdo mortician. Guess which part Tommy Wiseau plays? Available only on Blu Ray for some reason.


Bohemian Rhapsody – Big ass bio-pic of Freddie Mercury and Queen as they rise from wherever they came from to the throne of rock and roll royalty. Nominated for best picture.


Channel Zero – Cool-looking four part horror anthology series from something called Creepypasta. Yes please!


Department Q Trilogy – Three-movie British cold case mystery series. Heard it’s quite excellent.


Girl in the Spider’s Web – The Queen of England (Claire Foy) cracks her whip as the new Lisbeth Salander in yet another telling of this tale.


I am Not a Witch – Zambian drama that finds a young girl accused of witchcraft so she’s exiled to witch camp. Sounds almost like a Harry Potter spinoff but I doubt that it is.


Jobriath A.D. – Very good doc about a guy named Jobriath who was one of the first openly gay rock stars in the early 70’s.


Maigret – Funny man Rowan Atkinsen dips his funny hands in the crime world as a detective detecting crime. Looks good!


Old Man and the Gun – Robert Redford’s (reportedly) last film. He’s a real-life crime fella who escapes prison at the age of 70 and goes on a gentlemanly crime spree. You have to watch this, right?


Studio 54 – Excellent doc about the famous coke-fueled club in the 70s. If only I had a time machine.


Widows – Fine crime heist caper flick with an impressive pedigree – directed by Steve McQueen (the Oscar-winning director, not the cool dead hunky movies star) and written by Gillian Flynn – and a top notch cast. Worth a look If you can get past Liam Neeson attempting to devour Viola Davis’ face in the opening shot.

Coming Soon!

Better Things Season 2 (Season 1 and 2 for Commercial)
Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer
Hounds of Love
The Guilty
Mermaid: Lake of the Dead
Private War
The Frontrunner
The Ranger
At Eternity’s Gate

And Dylan finally submitted his list for his favourite films of 2018. Pretty good for him as last year hey gave me them in April.

10. CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?: Richard E. Grant just guzzles this movie like a highball. Unassuming and charming. I loved it.
9. WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOUR?: I would love to, Fred. I saw this shortly after the death of a friend and the scene where Mr Rogers talks death to kids in a frank and compassionate way well, let’s just say Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls…
8. FIRST MAN: Long, contemplative and quiet. But the moon landing sequence makes you really appreciate how terrifyingly, insanely REAL it must have been to sit in a metal box and explode yourself to the goddamn moon.
7. FREE SOLO: Holy fucking shit. I mean just what the fuck is that guy doing?!!! (Me and the audience watching this guy climb a fucking mountain with no safety gear at all)
6. BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE: No idea why this one didn’t do better at the box office. Colourful, violent and smart. Good to see an entertaining R rated thriller back on screens again.
5. JULIET, NAKED: Could be a sequel to High Fidelity. Great cast, solid characters and hilarious dialogue.
4. A STAR IS BORN: I really thought I’d hate this one because movies about fame almost always suck, but goddamn of Cooper doesn’t pull it off.
3. THE DEATH OF STALIN: The most original comedy I’ve seen in a very long time. Armando Iannucci’s political farce takes what could easily have been dry and depressing subject matter and infused it with the spirit of a screwball comedy rife with backstabbing, paranoia and treachery. The cast is one of the best assortments of comedic talent since the days of Monty Python. Don’t let the title put you off, this movie is fucking hilarious.
2. FIRST REFORMED: Wow! 2 movies with Ethan Hawke in my top ten. Crazy, because I’ve never really liked him. But now I get it, this guy’s got chops. Easily the biggest Oscar snub in years. First Reformed is utterly engaging and perfectly crafted low-key thriller about a man losing his faith in the church, mankind and himself. Paul Schrader’s best work since Auto Focus and Affliction.
1. LEAN ON PETE: I rank this one at the top of the heap simply due to the difference between what you expect going in and what this beautiful film actually turns out to be. Yes, it’s a movie about a boy and his horse but it takes you in unexpected directions and you feel for this kid every step of the way. The cinematography is spectacular and it’s great to see Steve Buscemi acting again. But the real gem here is relative newcomer Charlie Plummer. This kid has an intensity beyond his years that reminds me of River Phoenix. This kid is going to be big, I’m sure of it. LEAN ON PETE didn’t receive the love it deserves, like many films. Do yourself a favor and rent it at Black Dog Video because, as far as I know, that’s the only place you can see this underrated masterpiece. See you next year!

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Stay warm, stay hungry, keep watching.

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Cool Things for Sale for You!

Our good friends over at Darkside Releasing have some nifty culty items for you! Check them out here!


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The Black Dog Newsletter Jan 29-Feb 4th “Of Parties and Rats Edition!”


We had our annual staff Christmas party this past Sunday at the ANZA Club (thanks, Steve!). Nice to get everyone from both shops together to make a little merry. We’ve assembled a great group of kids and I’m pleased as punch to have them in the Black Dog family. We’ve had many fine people work at Back Dog over the years (and some real duds as well!) and I can’t say enough good things about the group we have now. Come in and chat them up and rent or buy some sweet DVDs and Blu Rays!

Oh and I should mention that there’s a new podcast ready to (hopefully) make you smile and think about what you might do if a big nasty rat invades your house. Click HERE.

New Releases!


Black 47 – Heavy drama about an Irish fella who fights the English and the Great Famine of the days. Tough times.


Cloverfield Paradox – I apologize in advance for the poor quality of this movie.


The Deuce Season 2 – Season 2 of the Deuce. Great, gritty show.


Hunter Killer – Gerry Butler and old man Gary Oldman star in this submarine, rescue the Russian president who’s being held hostage by a rogue general, action thriller!


Long Dumb Road – Road comedy drama starring Jason Mantzoukas and another guy.


My Dinner with Herve – Bio-pic of the late Herve Villachaize, who played the lovable scamp, Tattoo, on Fantasy Island. Look it up, kids. Stars Peter Dinklage and that creep from the 50 Shades of movies.


Shameless Season 8 – Season 8 of Shameless.


Suspiria – Excellent, if not a tad long, remake of the classic masterpiece by Argento. Some thought it was a disaster, some thought it was a great compliment to the original. Made it into my top 10 picks for 2018.

Coming Soon!

Girl in the Spider’s Web
A Private War
Best F(r)iends
Department Q Trilogy
I Am Not A Witch
Jobriath A.D.
Old Man and a Gun
Studio 54
Outrage Coda

If you need some suggestion on new things to watch, click here! Also check out the other recommendations on the website here!

On a sadder note – some garbage people have stolen a few hoodies from the Commercial Black Dog as of late so, for that reason, we will not be making anymore new ones. Get what we have left while you can!

Have a good week, y’all. Thanks for the support! We can’t do it without you!

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The Black Dog Newsletter January 16-22 “Let Us Continue Edition!”


As promised we have another batch of top picks of the year in this week’s missive. Josie and RJ chime on on what impressed and maybe depressed them in the world of cinema in 2018. Check out what they thought at the bottom of this edition. We’ve also just received more Ghibli socks and Shout Factory Blu Rays and DVDs (including the much requested Spirited Away) for purchase. All should be in the stores by Friday.

New Releases

(All titles should be on the shelves by Friday at both Black Dog locations)


Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (Blu Ray only) – Cool, if not depressing, doc about how human activity is changing (destroying) the Earth planet.


Beautiful Boy – Big drama, based on a dad and son’s memoirs, chronicling how a family deals with addiction and things. Stars Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet as dad and son of dad.


Boy Erased – Big drama about the son of a Baptist preacher being forced to undergo gay conversion therapy. Is this still a thing? What year are we living in again?


First Man – Canada’s baby goose, Ryan Gosling, gets shot into space by director Damian Chazelle (La La Land) and lands on the moon!


Hate U Give – A woman witnesses the fatal shooting of her best friend at the hands of da police. Pressure mounts from different sources as she struggles to do the right thing. Make a good companion piece with Blindspotting or Sorry to Bother You.


Here and Now – Shoddy remake of the acclaimed Agnes Varda film, Cleo from 5 to 7, finds Sarah Jessica Parker wandering the streets of NY after getting some bad news from her doctor.


Johnny English Strikes Again – Comedy spy thing starring Britain’s own Rowan Atkinson as a spy caught up in some hilarious shenanigans.


Kidding S1 – Comedy drama type shoe finds Jim Carrey barely hanging on to his sanity as his home and work life (kids show host guy) fall apart.


Kusama-Infinity – Cool doc about artist Yayoi Kusama.


Let the Corpses Tan – Fun-looking French thriller finds some thugs hiding out on a beach with a bunch of gold they stole. But others on the remote island show up to complicate things. And it also has the best title of anything released this week!


The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl – Cool-looking anuimated tale from Japan finds a girl partying all night and her many adventures.


Mid90s – Coming of age skateboarding flick from first-time director Jonah Hill.


The Sisters Brothers – Based on the excellent book, a couple of brothers in the old west, John C Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix, pursue a dodgy gold prospector. Really looking forward to checking this one out!


The Wife – Glenn Close re-examines her life with her famed author husband as they travel to Sweden where he’s to accept a Nobel Prize. Drama and emotions, I presume, ensue.

Coming Soon!

The Deuce Season 2
The Girl in the Spider’s Web

As promised, here’s a couple of lists to please your soul…

From Josie…

The Party – Sally Potter
The Death Of Stalin – Armando Ianucci
Zama – Lucrecia Martel
Annihilation – Alex Garland
Eighth Grade – Bo Burnham
Patti Cakes -Geremy Jasper
Faces Places – Agnes Varda
The Endless – Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson
Gemini – Aaron Katz
Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town – Christian Papiernak

Link to the full list with reviews and such (and a few films not yet available at Black Dog that we hope will be soon available):

And last but not least, RJ!

dir. Hirokazu Koreeda – Koreeda continues his journey to define and explore the meaning of family and the bonds we create as humans. A testament to finding your heart and a place to belong despite being in the gutter.

Dir Ari Aster – Another family story…but the worst kind. Finally someone can deliver on a premise instead of pandering to teenager sensibilities of horror. Kicks your ass so hard within the first 30 mins and it only gets better. Creative original and destined to be imitated.

The Favourite
Dir Yogros Lathimos – His funniest and funnest movie yet. Perfect casting and delectably snappy dialogue make this the best period piece in eons. Olivia Colmann is stellar as is Stone and Weisz.

You Were Never Really Here
Dir Lynne Ramsay – This masterpiece of editing and sound design might seem to conventional to some but it’s anything but. Fast loose and one of the best use of sound and theme in eons. Phoenix is the best living male actor after Day Lewis.

In My Room
Dir Ulrich Kohler – This quasi post apocalyptic dystopian/utopian drama hit me in many ways and stuck with me till this day. Moving between genres and moods the film confronts you with myriad of emotions and reflections of loss, love, and purpose.

Dir Gaspars Noe – A hypnotic descent into hell and paranoia in the funkiest phantasmagorical way possible. An ode to 90s dance culture mixed with the worst post outcomes. One of the best opening scenes ever.

Sharp Objects
Sir Jean Marc Valleè – Valleè returns to triumph again in the mini series form, only much darker this time. Taking Gillian Flynn’s macabre southern Gothic family drama and adding some creative visual and narrative tools that makes it so good its hard not to watch all episodes in one sitting.

My Brilliant Friend
Dir Saverio Costanzo – This HBO series was a bit of surprise in the last parts of the year. A rich tapestry of Neo-realism centered around the childhood friendship of two working class school girls in post war Italy. It seduced me with its stellar acting and delicate storytelling. Classic coming of age amidst the backdrop of social commentary.

Support the Girls
Dir Andrew Bujalski – Bujalski does it again in this funny and insightful look into the pitfalls of working in the service industry. Regina Hall is a force to be reckoned with and the entire cast is also stellar. Raw and un-glamorous.

Dream Corp LLC
Adult Swim series – Hopefully this will get a DVD release soon so more people can enjoy this overlooked gem. Imagine Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind directed by Quentin Depieux and add a dash of LSD. Hilarious and extremely creative.

Won’t you be my Neighbor
Dir Morgan Neville – Mr Rogers was always too dorky for me when i was a kid. Too bad i didn’t see the strides in reaching children and people he made till i was an adult. A touching portrait of a man whose legacy has had a dramatic effect on how children are reached through media. Uplifting and emotional.

Patti Cake$
Dir Geremy Jasper – Raw real and authentic. This journey into teenage dreams of transcending the shit hole life you can be born into something great needs to be seen. A young Jersey girl with serious rhyming skills who makes the music is great! So good you will be singing it for months to come.

Most overrated and biggest disappointments of 2018

Sorry to Bother You
A Quiet Place
Anything Marvel related

That’s it for this week folks! Sorry for the length of this edition. So much to tell you! See you next week or in the shops!

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The Black Dog Newsletter January 9-15 “The Best Things Edition!”


It’s time, my friends! Time to share with all of you lovely folks our picks for the top films of the year! I asked the staff to chime in with the best (and in some cases the worst) things that they saw in 2018. At the bottom of the newsletter we’ll feature a couple of lists and have a couple more next week as not to give you list fatigue! Enjoy!

New Releases!

(Titles listed here are on the shelves at Commercial right now and at Cambie tomorrow)


Castle Rock Season 1 – Very good (from what I’m told) horror, sci-fi, drama, mystery, fantasy, spook-fest finds a bunch of folks living in a Stephen King world. The world of Castle Rock!


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween – A couple of kids find a magic book that makes a ventriloquist’s dummy come to life. And then what?


Halloween – Unnecessary sequel of John Carpenter’s (he also did the score) classic finds an indestructible (why is he indestructible?) Mike Meyers escaping prison and going on a bloody killing spree with his sights ultimately set on Jamie Lee Curtis. To dumb to be great, not dumb enough to be laughably great. Still, I had fun with it. Written by Danny McBride and directed by David Gordon Green for some reason.


Jonathan – Strange sounding sci-fi dealie that finds two brothers sharing the same body. One gets the first half of the day, the other the second. Then one gets a girlfired! Complications and hurt feelings, I presume, ensue.


Speed Kills – How in the hot potatoes did this end up on our shelves? My apologies to anyone who rents it. Someone tell John Travolta to go back to flying airplanes.


The Super – Horrorish flick that finds Val Kilmer in a weird apartment building where folks seem to disappear. Is everything what it seems? I think not!


Yellowstone – Kevin Costner digs out his cowboy boots and hat from his tickle trunk to head the family in this very good (from what I’ve been told) TV western series.

Coming Soon!

Kidding Season 1
First Man
Hate U Give
Here and Now
Beautiful Boy

Alright! The moment you’ve been waiting for…Here’s my picks for the best films of 2018. Some of these were released in 2017 but I never saw then until last year. It’s OK.

1. Florida Project
2. I, Tonya
3. Climax
4. You Were Never Really Here
5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
6. Phantom Thread
7. Hereditary
8. Suspiria
9. Death of Stalin
10. Revenge
11. Mandy
12. Blackklansman
13. First Reformed
14. Leave No Trace
15. The Endless

My entire list can be found here.

And on the flip-side click here to check out the biggest disappointments and worst films of the year.

And here’s young Nick with his picks for 2018…

1. Mandy
2. First Reformed
3. Lucky
4. Blackklansman
5. Suspiria
6. Upgrade
7. Annilation
8. The House that Jack Built
9. You Were Never Really Here
10. Hereditary

Check out the rest of Nick’s Picks here!

That’s it for this week folks. Next week check out RJ’s and Josie’s picks (and if anyone else submits there’s as well!). Till then!

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The Black Dog Newsletter January 2-8 “It’s 2019 and We’re Still Here. Never Give Up Edition!”


Happy New Year to all of you lovely folks from all of us at Black Dog Video! I have to say thanks to each and everyone of you who continue to patronize our little establishment. It means a great deal to me and the employees that we are still able to be doing what we do. And we would not be here if it wasn’t for you. Without you, we are nothing. It still amazes me that it’s 2019 and we still have a couple of video stores in this town! We’re going to do our best to stick around and I hope to be here a year from now saying these exact words. Cheers!

Oh, I should also mention there’s a new episode of our podcast up and ready to entertain your ears! This time around it’s a New Year’s Special as Alex, Dylan and myself tackle Strange Days! Give it a listen here.

New Releases!


Assassination Nation – Dark comedy thriller type affair finds the town of Salem, Massachusetts descending into chaos after some sort of computer hack exposes secrets best left unveiled.


Bad Times at the El Royale – From the dude who gave us Cabin in the Woods comes this fun dark ride where a bunch of folks bump into each other at a seedy little hotel in Lake Tahoe. Secrets are revealed. Chaos ensues.


An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn – New film from the dude who gave us (for better or for worse) The Greasy Strangler! Lulu Danger is stuck in an unsatisfying marriage. Things get cray-cray when a stranger from her past comes to town. Will secrets be revealed? Will there be a descent into chaos? Who knows!


Night School – Comedy that finds little Kevin Hart going back to night school for some reason. Comedy hi-jinks sprinkled with a dash of chaos, I presume, ensues.


Venom – Tom Hardy dips his feet and tongue into the super-hero pond as he gets some powers that give him super strength or something like that.

Coming Soon!

Castle Rock Season 1
24 Frames
Goosebumps 2
The Super

We just received a nice new pile of DVDs and Blu Rays for sale! Cool things.


Next week we’ll feature our picks of the year! Lots of good things to prattle on about.

Have a swell week, my lovelies.

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The Black Dog Newsletter Dec 19-31 “Christmas Hoo-Haw Edition!”


Here we are, the home stretch. Christmas is less than a week away. I suppose that I should mention our holiday hours!

Christmas Eve (24th) : 11 am – 6pm – That’s right, we’ll be open an hour earlier on the 24th for all your movie needs. We also have a nice deal – Rent 2 and get a 3rd for free! (sorry no 2 for 1 deals on the 24th or the 31st – gotta pay those bills!)
Christmas Day (25th) : Closed
New Year’s Eve (31st) : 12 – 7
New Year’s Day : 12 – 10pm

We still have some swell T-shirts and comfy hoodies left as well as gift certificates and our world-famous punch cards for everyone you love. We’ll also have boxing day sales – check out our website, Facebook and twitters for what’s happening. That all said, there won’t be a newsletter for the next 2 weeks. Sorry to be a Grunch (Grinch’s less pleasant cousin).

New Releases

(We’ve received 5 shipments of films in the last two weeks – the rest of the year’s films so I won’t list them all here as there’s just too many!)


Colette – Lovely costume bio-pic drama finds Colette ghost writing stories for her husband Willy. When they become a success, she fights for recognition among the societal constraints of the times.


Fahrenheit 11/9 – Micheal Moore is back at it again, this time examining just how in the hell America got to where they are now with you-know-who in the big chair.


The House with a Clock in It’s Walls – Odd sounding family spooky comedy thing from Eli Roth (!) has Jack Black as a wizard or something looking for a clock that might end the world. I’m sure it’s better than Death Wish.


Long Strange Trip: A Grateful Dead Tale – I would never have called myself a “Deadhead” but I did see about a half dozen shows back in the day and they were much fun. Looking forward to checking this big-ass documentary out!


McQueen – No, not about Steve McQueen (the actor nor the director) but Lee Alexander McQueen, fashion genius and his amazing and tragic tale.


The Predator – The Predator’s back! This time we find him working at an Old Navy, going to college and playing in a ska cover band on the weekends while at the same time ripping out the spines of horny teenagers to hang on his dorm walls.


Support The Girls – Hangout with the ladies at Double Whammies, “a sports bar with curves” in this nice little comedy that I’m seeing show up on a number of best of the year lists.


Sweet Country – Heavy Australian western drama thriller finds an aboriginal fella going on the lam after shooting a white guy in self defense. Something tells me that the title may be more than a little ironic.


White Boy Rick – Matthew McConaughey goes undercover in the drug world where it eventually takes over his life and he ends up on the wrong side of Johnny Law.

Other titles fresh and new and fresh on the shelves include: Whitney, Sinner Season 2, Finding Your Feet, Operation Finale, Bel Canto, The Domestics, Disorder, Western, Nocturama and a few more I may have forgot about. Whew!

Other titles showing up later this week include: Life Itself, A Simple Favour, D.O.A.: Right of Passage, Elizabeth Harvest, Galveston, Marfa Girl 2, Skate Kitchen, Molly.

Holy Hotdogs! What a huge pile of amazing things! I hope that you find something wonderful to enjoy this season. We have a great selection of Christmas flicks as well, if that’s your bag. If you need some suggestions, check out all of our swell lists here!

Have a great, safe, fun holiday you beautiful people you! Talk to you on the other side in the New Year!

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