Black Dog Newsletter Apr 17 – 23rd “Great Things for You Edition!”


Look at all the nice things we’ll have for you at our next big Big BIG Sale on Sunday May the 6th! Of course, this is just a mere taste of what’s in store. We’re going to have hundreds of Criterions – both DVD and Blu Rays – as well as tons of classics, Studio Ghibli, box sets, TV shows and much much more. Sorry no smut this time around. Prices as low as $5! And just like last time, pay in cash and we pay the tax! Should be epic!

New Releases!


The Commuter – Liam Neeson’s career lately has been a sort of Trains, Planes and Automobiles but instead of finding his hand tucked between Steve Martin’s buttocks (“those aren’t pillows!”), he finds himself on various modes of transportation with some weapons as the only hope before it blows up (see Non-Stop, Run All Night, Battleship, Takens). Still, I’ll watch this. (At Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


Dear Dictator – British-Caribbean dictator, Michael Caine, flees his island nation to hang out with a teenage girl in the suburbs of America where he teaches her to to stage a rebellion against the school’s mean girls. Yes, you read all of that right. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool – Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) and Annette Bening hit it off in this May – December romance where a young buck actor hooks up with an aging actor from the days of yore. Heard very good things about this one.


The Greatest Showman – Wolverine plays Phineas Taylor Barnum, “The Greatest Showman”, of his era with his traveling circus populated by singing “freaks” and such. I wonder if they touch on his dark side – you know, the torturing of elephants (who he claimed felt no pain. They do) and other nefarious acts? Probably not, it’s a musical. What rhymes with tortured elephant?


Hostiles – Intense western finds Batman (Christian Bale) escorting a Cheyenne chief – who’s also his greatest enemy – across some hostile territory to the chief’s ancestral home in Montana. They pick up Rosalind Pike along the way for some reason. Heard pretty good things.


Mohawk – Nasty piece of business finds a young Mohawk women and her two lovers battling it out with some revenge-minded soldiers during the war of 1812.


Paddington 2 – Second movie about the talking bear who lives in London and eats sandwiches shaped liked numbers. Good family fare. (At Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


Unforgotten Season 1 – Good cold case British TV series about investigators investigating cases long thought cold.

Coming Soon!

12 Strong
Peter Rabbit
The Insult
Mary and the Witch’s Flower
Tremors: Cold Day in Hell

That’s it for this week folks. If you need some inspiration on what to watch, we compiled several fantastic categories filled with recommendations and favourite films. Click HERE!.

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Black Dog Newsletter April 10 – 16 “Big Announcement Edition!”


Did you miss us? Did you even notice we weren’t here? This is first one we’ve done in 3 weeks! I took a little time off for a visit back to Onscario. It was OK – too much booze, too much family, you know the score. But we’re back now with a fabulous big announcement! Mark May the 5th on your calendars, on your forearm, on your kid’s forehead, wherever you write things, as we are hosting another huge movie sale! We’ve recently acquired 2 collections and after sifting through them and keeping what we want for the stores we will have approximately 3500 titles (mainly DVD but there’s some Blu Ray as well – and VHS!) up for sale! It’s mostly older films – classics, noirs, and that ilk. And lots, as in hundreds, of Criterion’s! The sale will be at the Cambie store on Sunday May 5th from 10am till noon. More details to come!

New Releases!


All the Money in the World – Ridley Scott’s latest finds a young John Paul Getty III getting himself kidnapped in Italy and it’s up to his obscenely wealthy family to get him back via ransoms and things. This flick is somewhat famous for having the great Christopher Plummer come on board and replace skeezy Kevin Spacey after filming. It also prompted a lot of fun intranet curiosity to what other roles Christopher Plummer could have stepped into…I suggest Hayden Christensen in the Star Wars Prequels Or the shark in Jaws. You?


BPM – aka Beats Per Minute – Highly touted French film about the advocacy group ACT UP Paris and the pressure they put on the French Government to step up and do something about the AIDS crisis in the early 1990s.


Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 – Oh, Larry David, how we’ve missed you. I love this show but my wife can’t watch it as she says he reminds her too much of me. Yikes!


Deep Blue Sea 2 – More smart sharks eating stupid people.


Earth: One Amazing Day – Another one of those beautifully filmed nature dealies. If you like nature and stuff, check it out.


Father Figures – Tepid looking “comedy” in which a bunch of Hollywood actors go searching for Ed Helm’s neck. At least that’s what I gather from the box art.


Last Men in Aleppo – Heavy-duty Oscar nominated documentary finds folks trying to help folks in the besieged city during the awful Syrian civil war.


Legion Season 1 – Is Dan Stevens an X-man? Is he a mutant? Are they the same thing? Cool TV show is the latest (and from all accounts the most welcome) addition to the Marvel universe.


Molly’s Game – Jessica Chastain is Molly, ex Olympic skier and operator of an exclusive high-stakes poker game. Idris Elba is her handsome lawyer. Fun!


Outlander Season 3 – More romantic time travel shenanigans for all you fans out there!


Phantom Thread – The latest from the great PT Anderson finds the last acting gig for Daniel Day Lewis (unless he’s of the Steven Soderbergh school of retirement) as a fastidious dress-maker who’s life is up-ended by a fiery waitress. I’m sure, at the very least, it will look simply amazing and have lots of swell acting in it. I’ll watch anything PT Anderson does.


White Sun – Lovely dramatic drama from Nepal finds Chandra traversing the mountain terrain to return to his village for his father’s funeral. When was the last time you saw a movie from Nepal. Ya, I thought so. Check it out!

Coming Soon!

The Post
The Greatest Showman
The Commuter
Humour Me
Paddington 2

That’s it for this week folks. If you need any recommendations click this here link.

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Black Dog Newsletter March 21 – 26 “A Little Help from Our Friends Edition”!


So it looks like we may be hiring! If you or someone you know and like (or don’t like) is looking to work in the last remaining video store in the known universe (or Vancouver), get a resume in asap. It’ll be part time and must be flexible to work at either location. Ideal for students or someone with some extra time on their hands.

Also, it looks like we’ll be acquiring another large collection of DVDs (tons of classics!). Once we have them in our sweaty little hands, we’ll determine if there’s enough to have another big sale or to just sell them out of the stores. Stay tuned…

New Releases


The Americans Season 5 – This cold war spy show is something I constantly recommend to folks who are looking for something cool to watch. I’m a fan. It’s good. Trust me. Or don’t. (should be here soon)


Dolores – Cool, intense doc about Dolores Huerta, working class mom of 11 (!) kids who was an outspoken advocate for farmer’s rights, feminism and gender equality. (should be here soon)


Mr. Robot Season 3 – The 3rd season of this fine, weird, paranoid, subversive, anti-establishment thriller of a TV program. (should be here soon)


Only The Brave – Handsome Josh Brolin and talking Mr. Potato Head, Miles Teller, beat the crap out of wildfires in Arizona circa 2007.


Star Wars: Last Jedi – Oh, ya, the new Star Wars movie. See the return of Luke Skywalker! See Luke Skywalker milk a weird monster and drink it’s gross blue fluid! See a meandering plot that doesn’t really further the story! See all kinds of things! We have the Blu Rays on the shelves as we speak but the DVDs won’t be here till next week (more issues with my lame distributor). Sorry the for inconvenience.

Coming Soon!

Insidious: The Last Key
Father Figures
Basmati Blues
Greatest Showman
Phantom Thread
Molly’s Game
All the Money n the World
My Friend Dahmer

We have lots of nice things to recommend for your ultimate viewing experience! Check out the various categories of things that we like here!

One more thing – remember, it’s the last week to take advantage of our big sale! 22% off all merchandise in the stores until the end of the month! Get there or be square.

One more thing – really this time – there won’t be a newsletter next week as I’ll be out of town for a bit of the old spring breaking. The options were Toronto or Hawaii. We are Ontario bound. I stand by my choice.


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Black Dog Newsletter March 13 – 19 “And the Award goes to…Edition!”


Well, another year of Oscar nonsense is behind us. A few surprises I guess but, really, I don’t hold much stock in these awards as they rarely reflect our favourite tastes in film. Where’s Florida Project? Where’s I, Daniel Blake? Where’s The Greasy Strangler? It doesn’t really matter. We know what we like. As do you.

So, we’re currently in the midst of our merch madness sale! For the entire month of March, 2018, enjoy a lovely 22% discount off all of our cool merchandise in both stores (it’s Black Dog’s 22nd anniversary, hence the weird discount)! This includes the famed Black Dog T-shirts and hoodies, all Studio Ghibli swag, mugs, lunch kits and whatever else we have kicking around the stores. Enjoy!

New Releases!


Baal – Cool-looking film from 1970 by German director, Volker Schlondorff, that stars that other German director, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, as the titular anti-hero genius poet who snubs his nose at the squares and the norms to live with the outcasts on the fringes of society. From the Criterion collection.


Downsizing – Oddball satire from director, Alexander Payne (Citizen Ruth), finds a completely, and I do mean completely, hairless Matt Damon (MATT DAMON!!) getting shrunk down to 5 inches tall so he can lead a better, if not smaller, life.


Ferdinand – A nice talking bull goes on an adventure to be reunited with his family. Not a documentary.


Hellcat’s Revenge – Fun-looking exploitation grind-house type of effort finds an all-girl biker gang setting off on a revenge killing spree after their leader is murdered. I’d expect the same of my employees if anything were to befall myself.


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – Remake of the not-so-classic flick from 1995 finds Jack Black, The Rock and other teenagers sucked into a video game and how they all have to work together to escape the video game. And no, Axel Rose nor Slash appears in the movie.


Mom and Dad – Nic Cage and Selma Blair are parents who, for reasons unknown, go crazy and try to murder their children. Man, there’s so many jokes to make with this premise I think I won’t make any! (should be here later this week)


Pitch Perfect 3 – Those girls are still pitching perfect it seems.


Shape of Water – Oscar winning tale (Good job Del Toro!) of a sexy fish-man who hooks up with a nice mute lady in the 1950’s while Michael Shannon looks on disapprovingly. I knew it was tough for interracial couples back in those days but imagine how it must have been for inter-species couples to be accepted? We’ve come a long way. A long long way.


Small Town Crime – Haven’t seen the fine John Hawke on the screen in a while. Wait, there he is, playing a boozy cop looking for a little redemption while trying to solve a young girl’s murder. Presumably in a small town. (should be here later this week)

Coming Soon!

Star Wars: Last Jedi
Last Men in Aleppo
Legion Season 1
Mr. Robot Season 3
Americans Season 5

And finally, we have a lovely guest reviewer this week! Here’s Jon’s take on the aforementioned Shape of Water…

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay dry, stay hydrated, be nice to each other and remember, keep watching!

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Black Dog Newsletter March 6 – 12 “We’re 154 Years-Old Edition!”


Yes, you read that right. Black Dog Video is 154 years old! In dog years that is. In human people years that equates to 22. It was March 5, 1996, when we first flung open the doors on Cambie St to the frothing masses! Wow. It’s been a fantastic experience overall. We’ve had many excellent folks come through the doors as customers and employees, good friends and lovers. We’ve survived fires, floods, subway attacks, deaths (RIP John), crazy people, locusts, sloth invasion, ghosts, planet of the apes and evil in many forms but we’re still standing! If you asked me 22 years ago if I thought that I’d still be doing this in 2018, I probably would have said, hells ya! I’d love to do it for 22 more! Thanks to all of you wonderful humans who have supported us in the past, present and, hopefully, the future!

To give a little back, might we offer, for the month of March, 22% off all of our cool swag – T-Shirts, hoodies, lunch boxes, socks, mugs, piggy banks, other things! Come on in and check us out!

New Releases in this Week!


78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene – Nifty doc that deconstructs probably the most famous scene (at least a scene that involves a shower) in all of the movies. You know what I’m talking about. Either that or it’s 78 or 52 short films of Hitchcock taking a shower. (should be here later this week)


Baskets: Season 1 – Bonkers TV show stars Zack Galifinakis as Chip Baskets, professional clown and his clowning around business, and his mom, Mrs. Baskets, played by Louie Anderson. Sounds cray cray as the kids are wont to say. (should be here later this week)


Birdboy: The Forgotten Children – Cool, bleak looking animated thing finds some kids on a depressing island (think nuclear accident or something) taking drugs and trying to escape their miserable lives. Or something like that. Fun for the entire family!


Call Me By Your Name – Oscar winning romance drama finds the wonderfully named, Armie Hammer, having a little something something with a younger dude during a hot and steamy summer in Italy.


Disaster Artist – James Franco is Tommy Wiseau! You all know Tommy Wiseau, the auteur behind the famed cult oddity, The Room. This is his tale of how this “movie” came to be. Really looking forward to this. I really am. Oh, Hai, Movie!


Faces/Places – Lovely doc that follows the amazing filmmaker, Agnes Varga, and her new best bud, JR, as they travel around France doing art type stuff. (should be here later this week)


Handmaid’s Tale Season 1 – Excellent adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s famed dystopian novel about women who are forced to live as a concubines under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. Fun for the entire family!


I, Tonya – Oscar winning bio-pic of Tonya Harding. Chronicles her relationship with her evil mom and her dim husband, Jeff Gillooly. And of course that famous knee-knocking she had with rival Nancy Kerrigan. Man, I love saying Jeff Gillooly. (should be here later this week)


Justice League – Batman hooks up with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Superman, Cyborg, Muffin Man and Alfred to fight evil and crime and things. (should be here later this week)

Coming Soon!

The Shape of Water
Blue Planet II

This coming Saturday there’s something cool transpiring over at the Britannia Ice Rink! It’s a fundraiser hockey and beer tournament! Fun hockey and delicious beer, what else could you ask for? Come out have some great local brews, support a good cause and watch me try not to make a fool of myself! I’ll be playing for team Bomber.


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Black Dog Video Newsletter February 27 – Mar 5 “Holy Hotdogs Edition!”


Holy hotdogs! There’s so many things to mention this week! First of all, let me apologize once more for the delay in getting the new releases into your eyeballs. Especially over at the Commercial store. Dealing with the new system my distributor implemented is akin to getting a monkey to wash your cat (it’s quite difficult).

Also – it’s the 22nd anniversary of the Cambie Store! March 5th, 1996 we opened the doors to welcome your lovely and eager faces. It was an exciting time for us (I had less children and more hair back then). It’s sure has been a long strange wonderful trip. Amazing. Here’s to 22 more!

Also the RIO Theatre has their fundraising program now in place. Click here to find out more and lend a helping hand. This is a place in Vancouver that deserves saving.

New Releases Hopefully Showing up This Week!

In addition to the films that arrived last week at Cambie, including Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Murder on the Orient Express, The Darkest Hour and Coco, all of which should be at Commercial in a day or so, we expect the following at both stores this week as well…


The Breadwinner – Excellent animated fare about a young girl in Afghanistan who disguises herself as a boy in order to go out an earn money to help out her family. Nominated for the Oscars. One of Dylan’s (remember him?) favourite films of last year.


Crooked House – Nice cast (Glenn Close, Terence Stamp, Gillian Anderson, others) liven up the scene in this twisty and turny Agatha Christie tale of a murder most foul.


Ethel and Ernest – Nice low-key animated tale of a couple of Londoners living out their lives through the Blitz and so forth.


Lady Bird – Oscar-nominated fare from the amazing Great Gerwig tells the, somewhat autobiographical, tale of the coming of age of a 17 year-old girl in Sacramento of all places. Good things are to be found here.


The Man Who Invented Christmas – At least there’s a bit of snow left on the ground to enjoy this Christmas movie about how Dickens came to write A Christmas Carol (probably the movie I’ve seen the most in my life – the 1951 version of course). Dan Stevens plays Chuck Dick (as known to his friends) and Christopher Plumber is the Scrooge.


Thor: Ragnarok – Third time’s the charm as we finally have a good Thor movie. All it took was the director of What We Do in the Shadows to take charge. Really looking forward to this one.

Coming Soon!

The Hangman
Justice League
Mom and Dad
Wonder Wheel
Faces Places
Blue Planet II
Curb Your Enthusiasm S9

One of our customers at the Commercial had come into his possession a signed Errol Flynn headshot! He’s looking to pass it on to an excited collector for a reasonable price (I assume). You can contact him here if you’re interested

Check it out here..

Whew. Thanks for sticking with us till the end. Cheers to you all!

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Black Dog Newsletter February 21 – 27 “Psst..Hey Buddy Want to Buy…Edition!”


So I don’t know if anyone is interested but when we buy DVDs and Blu Rays for the shop, many come with Digital Codes. We don’t have much use for them but I imagine there are folks out there who might. We can sell them to anyone at a very good price. Hit us up.

Big thanks to everyone that came out and scooped up some great DVDs at our big sale last week. It was a much needed shot in the arm for Black Dog. I trust everyone went away happy. We still have lots of things left and we’ll be putting them out for sale at both locations as space permits.

New Releases!


Coco – Latest masterpiece from Pixar finds a sad little fellow, who’s folks have banned music in his house for some reason, entering the land of the dead to seek out his guitar whiz grandfather. Or something like that. (At Cambie, soon to Commercial)


Darkest Hour – Hey, it’s been at least a few months since we had a movie about Winston Churchill, so here’s another one! This time it’s the amazing Gary Oldman stepping into the crusty shoes of old Copperknob as Britain enters WWII. (At Cambie, soon to Commercial)


Goodbye Christopher Robin – Nice little bio-pic of author A.A. Milne and his most famous creation Winnie the Pooh, who was inspired by his son Chris Robin. Looks very nice.


LBJ – Woody Harrelson steps into the sweaty loafers (and waxy-looking head judging by the box art) of one of America’s presidents for this bio-pic.


Murder on the Orient Express – Yet another retelling of the famous murder mystery with the likes of Kenneth Branagh, Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Willam Dafoe, Daisy Ridley and many other human actors. (At Cambie, soon to Commercial)


Taboo – Cool-looking mini-series starring Tom Hardy as an adventurer returning to London during the War of 1812 to rebuild his father’s shipping business. I’m sure it’s far better than I just made it sound.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – The great Frances McDormand is an angry mom who erects 3 billboards in her hometown to protest the lack of results the lame-ass police have come up with in the tragic murder of her daughter. Number one on my must-see list! (At Cambie, soon to Commercial)

Hopefully Arriving Soon!

Crooked House
Mom and Dad
Bullet Head
Wonder Wheel
Justice League
Thor: Ragnarok
Man Who Invented Christmas

Need some suggestions on what to watch? Check out this here list for recent stuff we’ve enjoyed.

Psst…hey buddy want to buy some dirty movies?? I hate to say it but in that collection we acquired recently was a bunch of X-rated DVDs. I’m not too sure what to do with them but if anyone wants to buy them, we have 3 bags of approx 15 DVDs in each bag at the Commercial store. $25 each. No exchanges. No questions asked. Don’t tell my mom.

That’s it for this week, y’all. Stay warm. Stay happy. Keep watching.

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Black Dog Video Newsletter: February 13-19 “Big Day Edition!”


So as I’m sure that you’ve heard, this Thursday, the 15th, we’ll be hosting another really big DVD Sale at the Commercial location. Should be pretty swell (see photo at the end of this missive for a tiny taste of what’s being served). Thousands of DVDs will be up for grabs with prices starting at a paltry $5. You pay cash, we cover the tax. Debit and Credit cards will be welcome but subject to that awful tax. We will be closing the shop on Commercial at 8pm to get it all gussied up for you.

Also, you may have noticed that we’re not getting our New Releases on the same day as we used to before. A new system implemented by my distributor has the movies showing up randomly making this newsletter a bit tricky to produce. It’s a pain in the ass but my options are quite limited. But we’ll be alright.

New Releases Expected This Week!


Blade of the Immortal – Takeshi Miike’s 100th film (or so they say) finds an immortal swordsman out to help a young girl avenge the murder of her parents. Good sword action with a nice high body count.


Daddy’s Home 2 – Mad Mel Gibson and John Lithgow join Will Farrell and Marky Mark for more wacky (re: lame) hijinks.


The Florida Project – One of the year’s best films – 2017 being the year in question – finds precocious six year-old Moonee hanging out at her motel with Willam Dafoe and other miscreants all under the looming dreadful shadow of Disney World.


The Girl Without Hands – Cool looking animated tale of a girl sold to the Devil who escapes his (or her) evil clutches but without her hands (see title).


LBJ – Woody Harrelson steps into the loafers (and waxy-looking head judging by the box art) of one of America’s presidents for this bio-pic.


My Neighbours the Yamadas – Nicely animated Japanese film about a typical Japanese family doing typical Japanese things.


Patti Cake$ – Well-received independent little number about a rapper on a quest for glory in her hometown in New Jersey. Jersey glory, the best kind of glory.


Ray Donovan Season 5 – Season 5 of Ray Donovan, tough guy.


Same Kind of Different As Me – Hmmm, not too sure why I ordered this one. Drama about a guy who has to befriend a dangerous hobo in order to save his marriage for some reason. I’m sure that someone out there will like this. Maybe it’s you?


The Square – Comedy drama from the fella that made Force Majeure about an art curator who is stressed out setting up a controversial exhibit. Stars the awesome Elizabeth Moss and other actors.

Hopefully Coming Real Soon!

Mom and Dad
Murder on the Orient Express
The Darkest Hour
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
Blue Planet II
Wonder Wheel

Keep an eye out for a little fun thing that we’re going to implement soon at the stores – The Mystery Bag! Details coming soon…

Have a great week everyone, hope to see many of you tomorrow night at the Commercial store! Remember if you’re renting, get there before 8pm!


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Black Dog Newsletter February 7 – 13 “Vancouver Makes Me Sad Edition”


I really don’t like the way Vancouver is heading (I’m sure I’m not alone) with all the cool, interesting places disappearing so quickly. Case in point – say good-bye to the tasty little Pronto restaurant on Cambie St. The lovely art deco building will be destroyed soon to be replaced with, sigh, condos with a dentist office on the ground floor. How exciting! But what really boils my potatoes is the potential loss of the RIO Theatre. It’s on the market and I doubt very much that whoever buys it will keep it as it is (petition here!). What’s going to happen when all the neat places are gone – businesses that make a city worth living in – are gone and all we are left with is coffee shops, pizza slice joints and dentist offices?

That said, we’re still here! It’s a Christmas miracle some might say. All thanks to you wonderful folks! We’re very happy to be here and happy to remind you of our big BIG Sale at the Commercial Store next Thur. Gonna be epic. Hope that you can make it. February 15th from 9-11pm. Bring cash and we pay the tax!

New Releases!


All I See is You – Blind woman gets her sight back but then doesn’t like what she sees. What is it? What does she see? Bears? Condos? An ugly husband? You decide! (At Cambie tomorrow)


Broad City Season 4 – This is a very funny show.


The Deuce Season 1 – Excellent new series from the fella who created The Wire about NY City in the 1970’s and all the porn and prostitution that was seedying up the joint. (At Cambie tomorrow)


Last Flag Flying – Kind of a maybe but not really but might be sequel to The Last Detail. Steve Carrell (not funny here) Breaking Bad and Larry Fishburne, all old army buddies, reunite to bury one of their sons who was killed overseas. Richard Linklater directs this tight little drama.


Professor Marsden and The Wonder Women – Sexy tale of Professor Marsden and his wife and his mistress and the inspiration he got from them to create Wonder Woman!


Roman J. Israel Esq. – Is it a movie about Romans? The Middle East? Esquire magazine? Smoking J’s? I just don’t know what’s going on anymore. Stars Denzel as all of those words!.


Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World – Excellent doc about Native Americans and their rock and role in American (and Canadian) music. Check it out!


The Sinner Season 1 – Spooky odd sounding show finds Jessica Biel trying to figure out what is causing all these terribly violent episodes that she keeps having. Colour me intrigued!


Victor Crowley – Kane Hodder is back in old Victor Crowley’s gross dirty shoes as he’s somehow resurrected and then, of course, goes on a murderous rampage. This is the 4th movie in the Hatchet series. I’ve seen the first 3. I will watch this one. I have no shame.


Wonder – Nice heartwarming tear-jerker (it’ll jerk those tears right out of your eye holes) about a kid with a messed-up face who braves the public school system.

Coming Soon!

The Square
Tom of Finland
Taboo Season 1
Blade of the Immortal
Florida Project
Mom and Dad

In case you need a taste of what we have for sale next Thursday, lick your chops and gaze upon these!


Stay real, Vancouver.

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Black Dog Newsletter January 30 – Feb 6 “Crazy DVD Sale II: The Sequel Edition!”


Check out this nifty poster the lovely and talented, RJ, made for the big sale coming up in two weeks! For those of you you can’t see it, here’s the deets: Thursday February 15th, 9 – 11pm at the Commercial Black Dog (we’ll be closing that location at 8pm so prepare accordingly). We have thousands of amazing DVDs we picked up from a private collection. Many are still in their tight little wrappers! If you’re a collector or just want to get some cool things, drop on by. Classics, noirs, musicals, British – so much British – smut, Criterion, space erotica, general releases, foreign, Box Sets, cult, TV series and more! We like cash. We like it so much if you pay in cash, we’ll cover the tax. Credit cards and debit accepted as well but you’re on the hook for the tax. Should be fun!

Pretty light week for releases – I’ve had some issues with my lame distributor – and some things got delayed. But we should be on track, hopefully, by next week. Sorry about the inconvenience.

New Releases!


Bad Moms Christmas – The bad mothers from the first Bad Moms movie are back at it – being bad moms and all getting into all sorts of wacky hi-jinks! But at Christmas! Let the hilarity ensue. (At Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Lucky – The description tells us this is a spiritual journey of a 90 year-old atheist. It’s also the late-great Harry Dean Stanton’s final performance. Spend a little time with HDS as he shambles about hanging around with his buds, David Lynch, Ed Begley Jr, Tom Skerritt and a host of others.


Suburbicon – Weird-looking comedy/drama/social satire from director, George Clooney, finds a befuddled, Matt Damon, (MATT DAMON!! – never gets old) living in an all-white community in 1959 when a black family movies in upsetting the racist apple-cart. (At Commercial, soon to Cambie)

Coming Soon!

The Deuce Season 1
The Square
Baskets Season 1
Professor Marsden and the Wonder Women
Last Flag Flying
Ray Donovan Season 5
Tom of Finland
All I See is You

Hungry? Well, here’s a little taste of what’s up for grabs in a couple of weeks at the BIG SALE!


Stay golden, Vancouver.

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