Hello friends and welcome to Black Dog Video. We are one of the last remaining video stores in the city of Vancouver and maybe even Canada and definitely the universe. We’ve managed to stay around due to our fantastic collection of DVDs and Blu Rays and our most excellent customer service. We specialize in cult, foreign, documentaries, horror, classics, directors, comedy, queer, animation and, of course, all the new stuff. Pop into either location, chat with our amazing staff and walk out with something wonderful. Hope to see you soon.

To make your movie renting experience even more enjoyable and profound we have a series of weekday deals!

~ Mondays is rent 2 for 1 day. Anything in the store. Anything.

~Wednesdays come in snatch up 5 older films (we have thousands of amazing titles!) for only $10!

~ Sundays, Tuesday and Thursdays if you rent 2 you can nab a 3rd title (of equal or lesser value) for free!

In addition to these stellar deals may we offer you one of our prepaid movie cards? $44.00 (plus tax) will net you 10 rentals! (Up to 2 free rentals!) Sweet.

Our regular rental prices are nothing to sneeze at either ~ $5.99 for a new release – good for 2 days and $4.99 for an old catalogue title – good for a week. New TV goes for $4.99 a disk and old title TV disks will set you back $3.99.

Our hours are as follows…


Both locations ~ Friday and Saturday Noon until 11pm.

Sunday to Thursday – Noon till 10pm.

Pretty, pretty, pretty good of you ask me.


Those are good things! ~ Giant floating head.